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Discover a city within a city

Step into Toronto from the perspective of Blackpowerbarbie and Director X as they uncover all the versions of the city for you to explore. You Gotta See What We See.

It's her world and we're just living in it. Come on a fantastical journey with Blackpowerbarbie as she explores Toronto through art, friendship and endless inspiration.

Local creative talent Director X sees Toronto as a city within a city; one that’s full of endless everything for everyone. Step into Toronto and see our city through his eyes.


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Get an insider's POV

Get an insider's POV

You Gotta See What Simu Sees

Simu Liu is a proudly Toronto-raised actor and author. He is widely known for his...

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Simu Liu is a proudly Toronto-raised actor and author

You Gotta See What Nick Sees

​​Nick Liu is the critically-acclaimed chef and owner of DaiLo, a Toronto restaurant...

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Nick Liu is an acclaimed chef & owner of restaurant Dailo

You Gotta See What Mariah Sees

Mariah Amber is the multi-hyphenate in-arena host for the Toronto Raptors, a former...

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Mariah Amber is the Toronto Raptors in-arena host

You Gotta See What Sonia Sees

Sonia Mangat is an actress, host and reporter on CTV's ETalk and CP24 Breakfast...

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Sonia Mangat is an actress, host and reporter

You Gotta See What Santee Sees

Santee Sioux celebrates Indigenous culture, history and representation through the...

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Santee Siouxx is a content creator sharing stories of Indigenous culture & history

You Gotta See What These TikTok Creators See

Follow the adventures of these TikTok creators as they take on a trip to Toronto. From luxury experiences, world-class dining and next-level arts and culture, you gotta see what they see.

@destinationtoronto You Gotta See our attractions and indulge in these luxury experiences for yourself, just like @danielromeohh did — discover the unparalleled charm waiting just a short journey away! #SeeTorontoNow ♬ original sound - Destination Toronto
@destinationtoronto Follow @aliciamaeholloway along on an adventure through Toronto's vibrant arts and culture scene and indulge in world-class dining — You Gotta See the magic for yourself 📷📷 #SeeTorontoNow ♬ original sound - Destination Toronto
@ellemagazine We’re touring @Destination Toronto through @Anj’s eyes #seetorontonow #ad ♬ original sound - ELLE (US)

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