Plan ahead to enjoy the peak blooms at their best this spring.

There's something special about watching leafless trees blossom into pinkish hues every spring. The arrival of spring feels like a fresh breath of fresh air. 

As beautiful as cherry blossoms are, they only last about four to 10 days, so plan if you want to see them. They generally peak at the end of April or the beginning of May. 

Here are some of the best places where you can see this magnificent display of changing seasons, including the most famous spot — High Park, plus a few tips on how to take the best photos of the cherry blossoms.

Where to find cherry blossoms in Toronto

High Park

As the city's most famous cherry blossom spot, High Park has one of the highest concentrations of sakura trees. You can track the progress of cherry trees on either or Blossoms Watch.

Cherry trees are primarily located on the west side of Grenadier Pond. You can also stroll around Hillside Gardens under the canopy of sakura trees.

Photo Tip: Try showing up on weekdays or around sunrise, as this place can get crowded. You'll have the sakura trees to yourself, and no one will be photobombing your selfies!

Trinity Bellwoods

Trinity Bellwoods is an excellent option for those looking to stay close to the city. The park is popular all year long, but it gets particularly crowded during cherry blossom.

Cherry trees line up closer to Queen Street and Gore Vale Avenue. The symmetrical arrangement of trees and the CN Tower in the background make for great photos!

Photo Tip: Sunrise is a great time to take pictures. The early morning soft and warm light is ideal for taking amazing photos!

Cherry Blossom Trees at Robarts Library in Toronto
Looking for a less crowded spot? Head to Robarts Library

Robarts Library (UofT)

You can also enjoy the blossoms in peace at the Robarts Library downtown. The soft pink colours of the trees in the foreground and the gray concrete building in the background create a dynamic scene. The cherry trees are near Sussex Avenue and St. George Street. 

Photo Tip: You can use branches as natural frames by getting closer to them (without touching them). 

Centennial Park

Centennial Park has more than 460 cherry trees spread around! Rows of cherry trees can be spotted near Centennial Park Boulevard and Rathburn Road.

It is a joy to drive along these roads during peak blossom time. There is never a problem with crowds here because there are so many trees spread out.

Photo Tip: Parking your car and walking along the rows of trees is the best way to enjoy the blossoms up close.

Ramsden Park 

The Ramsden Park right outside the Rosedale subway station is another great option if you are looking for a quiet spot accessible by subway. You can see sakura trees near the Ramsden Park Tennis Courts. 

Cherry Blossom Trees at Exhibition Place in Toronto
Enjoy the blooms in lesser known spots like Exhibition Place and avoid crowds

Exhibition Place

Although less known, you will also find sakura trees at Exhibition Place. Cherry trees can be found near the Princess Margaret Fountain and alongside British Columbia road.

Toronto Island Park

If you’d like to escape the downtown core, then Centre Island has about 30 cherry trees near the fountain on the south side of the island.

Toronto Island Park is one of the quietest places on this list and there’s so much more to enjoy on the island. You can make a day trip out of it by spending your time at the beach, walking around the island, or even biking.

A Friendly Reminder

Cherry trees are beautiful at their peak, and it's tempting to touch or pluck flowers from them. Just remember they're delicate and enjoy without touching them, and please follow the ‘leave no trace’ policy to preserve the beauty of our parks.