Kensington Market is a walkable bohemian neighbourhood that draws artists and tourists to its indie shops, vintage boutiques and arts spaces. The Market is also home to a wide array of specialty grocers, bakeries and cheese shops.

Kensington Market

Toronto's Kensington Market is an eclectic neighbourhood with a multicultural mix of supermarkets, street food, hole-in-the-wall boutiques and vintage clothing stores. Strolling through Kensington shops allows you to tap into the many different cultures that now make Toronto home, and you’ll have your pick of cuisines with so many options on hand. Plus, Kensington comes with a bit of a grittier edge and it’s all the better for it. 

Don’t miss:

  • Pow Wow Cafe for tacos served on Ojibwa-style fry bread
  • Taste testing your way through the diverse mix of cuisine
  • Live music with an evening at Poetry Jazz Café
  • Coffee and baked goods at Swedish-inspired Fika Café
  • Checking out the performers, music and food stands on Pedestrian Sundays, which happen on the last Sunday of every month (May through October) 

BOUNDARIES: Between Dundas Street West and College Street, west of Spadina Avenue.

PUBLIC TRANSIT (TTC): Queen’s Park subway station, then the 506 streetcar westbound.

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