A tour bus passes the Royal Ontario Museum on Bloor Street

Museums in Toronto

Toronto is known for many things, from shopping to international cuisine, but some of the city’s best assets are its museums. Toronto has a wealth of cultural institutions on various subjects as diverse as the rest of the city. 

From the history of shoes at the Bata Museum to the preservation of Indigenous languages across Canada, from priceless works of art to historic homes, from the Hockey Hall of Fame to a collection of televisions and TV memorabilia, there’s a lot to see, do and learn. 

There is an art gallery in a former power plant, a library of rare books, sculpture gardens and more than one celebration of Ukrainian culture. Spending a day or two perusing Toronto’s museums, large and small, isn’t just a good way to get to know the city—it’s a trip across space and through time, and what better way is there to get to know the art more intimately?

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