DesignTO Festival exhibit called A room is a home is a playground by Ace Hotel Toronto

DesignTO Festival

Date(s): January 19–28, 2024
Location: Various venues across Toronto

Celebrated as Canada’s largest design festival, DesignTO Festival is Toronto's premier creative event. This annual cultural highlight offers a blend of art and design exhibitions for which Toronto is renowned.

Experience Toronto’s vibrant design scene through interactive workshops and innovative artworks. With more than 100 free exhibitions and events, it showcases the creativity of more than 6,000 artists and designers.

For visitors looking to immerse themselves in the world of design, the DesignTO Festival in Toronto is a must-attend event. It offers an array of attractions and practical information for attendees.

DesignTO Festival Highlights

  • Diverse Exhibitions: explore over 100 free exhibitions, each showcasing unique aspects of design, from traditional crafts to cutting-edge technology.
  • Interactive Events: participate in workshops, talks, and design tours led by experts and renowned artists.
  • Innovative Artworks: witness a blend of creativity and innovation, with thousands of artists and designers displaying their work.

While many events are free, some may require tickets or reservations. 

For more information on this January event in Toronto and to plan your visit to this Canadian design festival, visit DesignTO's website

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