Little Italy

Discover Toronto’s vibrant and diverse Little Italy, tucked between Bathurst Street and Ossington Avenue and extending from Dundas to Harbord Street. This charming district boasts a rich history dating back to the 1920s and is easily accessible via car, bus, streetcar or subway. 

Today, you can soak up the history of Toronto’s Little Italy by walking along the streets lined with Victorian-era houses before playing a spirited match of bocce ball among friends. Food is a major draw here, and you can enjoy authentic Italian fare and other types of cuisine from local eateries and bars.  

Little Italy restaurants & bars

Little Italy is a food lover’s paradise. Whether you want to indulge in authentic Italian flavours, explore a range of culinary delights, or wet your whistle at any of the renowned Little Italy bars, there’s something for everyone.

Bar Raval

First on the list is Bar Raval, a tapas bar inspired by Barcelona. Allow your taste buds to embark on a journey to Spain with specialty cocktails like the Raval Martini and thoughtfully curated shareable meat and seafood dishes, setting the stage for a delightful night of good food and conversation.

Track & Field Bar

Enjoy lawn games and delicious drinks at Track & Field Bar, offering a unique blend of entertainment and a lively atmosphere. Throw back a few bevvies before showing off your sweet moves on the dance floor or your bocce ball skills. And don’t forget to capture the fun night with friends at the bar’s photo booth.

Trattoria Taverniti

Trattoria Taverniti offers a genuine Italian dining experience. Every dish reflects the owner’s rich culinary heritage, transporting you to Nona’s kitchen. Begin your dining adventure with an antipasto before indulging in a delightful pizza or a plate of housemade pasta.

Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe

Nestled in the heart of College Street’s Little Italy in Toronto, the Sicilian Sidewalk Café is the city’s oldest Italian gelato spot. Take a bite of the homemade dessert and instantly feel transported to an Italian piazza.

Things to do & attractions

Toronto’s Little Italy is home to attractions everyone in your group will enjoy. The Royal Theatre, a cinematic gem, offers private screenings, live performances and festivals.

Right next door, Balfour Books, a cherished second-hand bookstore, overflows with books, creating an ambiance that turns every visit into a delightful treasure hunt. Plus the neighbourhood is home to some of Toronto's best local shopping.

A brief stroll away lies the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, a peaceful sanctuary that serves as the perfect spot for a moment of tranquillity and contemplation. Continuing down the sidewalk, you’ll come across the Italian Walk of Fame, where stars on the pavement pay homage to prominent Italian figures.

Love music? Then you’ll want to check out Neurotica Records, an offbeat shop brimming with old and new vinyl, CDs and more. Lastly, no trip to Little Italy is complete without a visit to Aro Market, where you’ll find exquisite jewellery, crystals and handcrafted soaps.

From savouring authentic flavours to immersing yourself in cultural gems, the diverse charm and rich experiences make this beloved neighbourhood a place you’ll want to return to time and time again.

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