An aerial view of the Blue Jays baseball diamond at Rogers Centre with the dome roof open

Baseball in the Spotlight: Toronto Blue Jays Game Day Guide

This game-day guide has everything you need to know for the best home game experience.

At Rogers Centre (1 Blue Jays Way), another Toronto team takes the field in baby blue—the Toronto Blue Jays. This Major League Baseball team, established in 1977, is one of the world’s only MLB teams located outside of the United States. Although they’re up against the likes of the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox in their division of American League East, the Blue Jays once reigned in this division. They remain the only winners of the World Series from outside the U.S., and in recent years have made a name for themselves again by reaching the playoffs multiple times.

Toronto Blue Jays gate 6 entrance  at Rogers Centre
Fans line up to watch a Toronto Blue Jays game at Rogers Centre

That makes seeing a Jays game extra special, since it’s the only place in Canada where you can watch the major leagues. Nonetheless, baseball is becoming an increasingly popular sport to play and watch in Canada and the country has produced several MLB Most Valuable Players over the years. So buy your tickets, paint your face blue and get ready to sing along to “OK Blue Jays” for your visit to see the Toronto Blue Jays play.

Toronto Blue Jays baseball fans outside the Rogers Centre stadium
Enjoy some quintessential baseball snacks at Rogers Centre

Places to eat in Rogers Centre

Rogers Centre offers all the baseball snacks you want—peanuts, beers, soft pretzels, hot dogs and more. Make sure to check if your tickets coincide with a dollar dog night, or otherwise check out the Dugout Deals for inexpensive fare. After the game, take a walk to the nearby St. Louis Bar & Grill for steaks and burgers or Mi-ne Japanese Restaurant II for sushi served in cozy booths—just click the call button to order.

Dugout Deals

From beers to hot dogs to popcorn, this low-key food stand has everything you need for a great baseball game—and it’s all under $5. You can’t beat that! Find this stand in several sections throughout the stadium.

All-Star Chicken Counter

No Canadian game day is complete without a slop of poutine to snack on. Deck out your poutine with everything you can think of, including buffalo cauliflower and don’t forget to try the fried pickles.

Beverage Wall

Get your fix of sunflower seeds, peanuts and beer at this quintessential baseball staple. Find a slew of bottles and cans from all your favourite breweries at this food stand located throughout the stadium.

Urban Kitchen

With just two locations in the stadium, this stand is worth taking a walk around to find. You’ll find the typical poutine and hot dogs, but this special stand also offers Old Dutch chips and veggie dogs—perfect for vegetarians.

Toronto Blue Jays baseball fans outside the Rogers Centre stadium
See the CN Tower up close and personal from Rogers Centre

Things to do at Rogers Centre

Rogers Centre, formerly called the SkyDome, is located just outside of Toronto’s downtown, making it a great jumping off point for your travels throughout the city. The stadium is surrounded by the likes of Exhibition Place, CN Tower, the waterfront of Lake Ontario and tons of parks to walk around. Once you’re at the stadium, consider taking a tour to learn more about the history of this important home to the Blue Jays. The tours run on off days, so make sure to get there a day or two before your game. Visitors are also welcome to watch batting practices here.

Keep an eye out for the retracting roof, which is usually open during baseball games. The sun shines through this roof on sunny days but closes for concerts and shows at night. In fact, sunny days are the best time to explore this area of Toronto. From the stadium, you’ll be able to see the gorgeous lakefront and the surrounding activities.

Check out Roundhouse Park to kill time before your game—a retired railroad house that is now home to a miniature steam engine. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is also within walking distance, which means that the PATH Skywalk isn’t far. Peruse the city from up high in this covered walkway that will connect you to the street below and the nearby venues.

On your way to the stadium, make sure to snap a picture of the CN Tower, which reaches high into the sky beside Rogers Centre. Tickets are available to go to the top of the tower—or buy some nosebleed seats in the stadium and you’ll be halfway there!

Fun facts about the Toronto Blue Jays

  • The American national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” is sung before “O Canada” at every home game of the Toronto Blue Jays. For away games, the order is flipped
  • The Blue Jays are the only Major League Baseball team based outside of the U.S. The only other Canadian MLB team in history, the Montreal Expos, is now Washington, D.C.’s team, the Nationals
  • The Blue Jays missed the playoffs for 21 seasons in a row between 1993 and 2015
  • The Blue Jays and the Miami Marlins are the only two MLB teams to play multiple World Series and remain undefeated
  • The Blue Jays are the only MLB team from outside the U.S. to reach the World Series. They are also the only MLB team from outside the U.S. to win a World Series
  • The Blue Jays had a World Series dynasty of two years—1992 and 1993. They also held a division championship dynasty from 1991 to 1993. They won five division championships between 1985 and 1993
  • There is only one no-hitter in the entire history of the Blue Jays—Dave Stieb in 1990
  • Almost all of Toronto’s professional and college sports teams are blue, including the Blue Jays, the Leafs and the Argos
  • The Blue Jays are the only major league team in all of Canada
  • The Blue Jays have produced 10 National Baseball Hall of Famers, but none of them were inducted while serving the team
  • Roy Halladay, who retired from the MLB in 2013, pitched for the Blue Jays before rising to fame as pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. His Blue Jays number, 32, was retired after his death in 2017. His son Braden was a Blue Jays draft pick in 2019
Outside the Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays
See the CN Tower up close and personal from Rogers Centre

How to get to Rogers Centre

Because of the potential difficulty of parking in this area of Toronto, taking public transit is the best option to get to Rogers Centre. 

By public transit: Take any public transit—streetcar, subway, GO train, or bus—to Union Station. This is just a few minutes’ walk from the stadium and offers a nice view of the harbour.

Parking: Drivers can find parking using the ParkWhiz app for street parking or pay for parking at the underground lot in Gate 8 of Rogers Centre.

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