The Toronto Caribbean Carnival is an exciting four-week cultural celebration of Caribbean music, cuisine and revelry. It is the largest cultural event in Canada and the largest outdoor festival in North America.

Toronto Caribbean Carnival (formerly Caribana Toronto)

Date(s): August 1 to 5, 2024
Location: Downtown Toronto

Toronto’s Caribbean Carnival is a colourful celebration of the hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Haitians, Dominicans, Bermudans and Guyanans who make up the city’s Afro-Caribbean community traditionally centred in the York District. 

Every year since its founding in the 1960s by Dr. Maurice Bygrave and others in the community, the Caribbean Carnival fills Toronto with the sounds of reggae, calypso, tassa, zouk, salsa and rap; the delicious scents and flavours of West Indian cuisine; and a crowning of the Carnival King and Queen that even spring rain showers haven’t been able to squelch. 

From July to August, Toronto’s Caribbean restaurants compete for awards and showcase their best dishes, patios fill up with bands, and revellers honour Canadian Black history on Emancipation Day. The whole month leads up to a three-day weekend of parades filled with glittering mas or the feather-strewn carnival outfits that catch eyes every year. 

Toronto Caribbean Carnival Highlights 

Things to do at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival include:

  • Carnival Parade
  • Food specials
  • Restaurant Awards
  • Grande Parade 2024
  • Carnival Music Festival

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and heritage of the Caribbean through various art exhibits, culinary delights, and craft markets showcasing unique Caribbean creations. Participating in the energetic and pulsating soca and calypso music and trying out some traditional Caribbean dance moves are must-do experiences. Whether indulging in mouthwatering Caribbean cuisine, exploring the diverse cultural displays, or simply soaking up the infectious atmosphere, the Toronto Caribbean Carnival promises an unforgettable celebration of Caribbean culture and unity.

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Do you have to pay for Caribana Toronto?

Caribana Toronto hosts a number of both paid and free events open to the public. Visit Caribana Toronto's events page to find information on ticket prices.

Why is Caribana celebrated in Toronto?

Caribana Toronto, which takes place on the initial Saturday of August, celebrates Canada's full emancipation of slaves in 1838. It unfolds as a magnificent exhibition of vibrant costumes, resounding music and kaleidoscopic colours throughout the lively streets of Toronto. By acknowledging our history, it offers a chance to explore the significance of freedom and liberation.

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