Meet Solmaz Khosrowshahian

Content creator Solmaz Khosrowshahian, also known as The Curious Creature, is a full-time blogger, social media influencer and mom with a passion for food and travel. She founded The Curious Creature in 2013 to share personal and honest stories that inspire readers to explore, eat and live vibrantly. Solmaz firmly believes that Toronto is one of the greatest foodie destinations on the planet.

When she's not feasting, you can find her exploring the outdoors and attending Toronto's many festivals. Join her on Instagram and TikTok


  1. Favourite Toronto neighbourhood: The Danforth! Warm neighbourhood vibes, beautiful parks and great food.
  2. Most underrated spot in the city: Toronto Music Garden.
  3. Favourite time of year in Toronto: September! The weather is always fantastic and the Toronto International Film Festival fills the city with a palpable buzz. 

Solmaz's Toronto Picks

Solmaz's Toronto Picks