These Toronto venues are pros at combining on-site attendance with remote participation.

There are some key factors to consider when selecting your Toronto meeting venue that will play host to both in-person and virtual conference attendees. The biggest challenge: making sure remote participants feel adequately included, so they can experience the meeting to the fullest. The following venues are pros at hybrid meetings, proving that you can truly have the best of both worlds.

The Globe and Mail Centre

Located in Toronto’s King East Design District, The Globe and Mail Centre, home to one of Canada’s largest news organizations, is an ideal venue for your hybrid meeting. Not only can the spacious conference rooms (with panoramic city views!) accommodate up to 400 guests on-site, each space has the capacity to stream communications worldwide.

Why we love it: Housed inside one of the country’s top media organizations, you know this event venue will always have the best video and technology equipment available. 

Beeton Hall Events Centre

This 180-person event space at the downtown Toronto Reference Library is equipped with both on-site conference requirements—catering, coat check room, et cetera—as well as hybrid conferencing equipment, too. The flexible room layout features 360-degree imaging technology to ensure the participation of off-site attendees.

Why we love it: This iconic Toronto institution is close to many downtown hotels. Plus, the 360-degree imaging technology allows virtual attendees to feel like they’re part of the physical space.

Ontario Science Centre 

This interactive science museum really does have it all. Their in-person event spaces can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 5,000 guests and it’s no surprise that they’ve embraced virtual events, too. They’ve transformed their auditorium into a production studio, capable of producing broadcast-quality videos with live-streaming capabilities.

Why we love it: It’s a museum that focuses on innovation, so you know the production equipment will be the best of the best here. Plus, for those on-site: there’s so much to explore!


Enercare Centre

Toronto’s Enercare Centre houses Studio Ex, an entertainment and events centre specializing in producing online events. Their staff has all the expertise you need to provide your event with global reach. And for those in-person: The LEED-certified facility is located on the shores of Lake Ontario near the Island airport and Entertainment District.

Why we love it: The space was created in partnership with Encore, an event technology service, so no detail was missed when building this hybrid meeting venue. 


Center Stage AV 

This Mississauga-based company has over 20 years of experience producing audiovisual events. Their hybrid space is set up similar to a television talk show, with a stage and live studio audience, and then viewers can watch from home, too. Their purpose-built virtual platforms help encourage remote participation, like polling and Q&As.

Why we love it: The fun television talk show setup, the tools to encourage virtual attendee participation and their years of experience delivering remote events.

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

With over 20 meeting rooms that can hold up to 600 people, this five-star hotel can accommodate meetings of many sizes. It has all the amenities for your visiting guests—dining, spa, hotel rooms—but the ability to cater to virtual guests too, thanks to their partnership with several trusted local audiovisual technology companies.

Why we love it: The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto proves that having a hybrid event doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon the idea of meeting in a hotel.


Located in downtown Toronto, this company has 11 different event spaces that can accommodate from four to 150 people. Because the spaces were purpose-built for meetings less than a decade ago, they have all the technology you could ever need for a hybrid event. They can host podcast recordings, live studio events and more.

Why we love it: This company is rebranding what meeting venues can be, describing itself as a “boutique hotel for companies.” Instead of bedrooms? There are boardrooms.