Yashy Murphy

Meet Yashy Murphy

Self-described as a hungry urbanite suffering from wanderlust, Yashy Murphy is a brand marketing professional who refused to let go of her pre-kid lifestyle. She grew up in the Middle East and South Asia before coming to Toronto in 2005 for her MBA.

Toronto is now home, where she enjoys the condo life with her two kids and husband. Yashy has been a content creator since 2011 and can be heard on the local radio, seen on TV and her written work can be found on ParentingToGo.ca. Find her on Instagram at @yashyanthi.


  1. Favourite Toronto neighbourhood: Little India is a favourite because it reminds me of home in so many ways. I get to enjoy Gola Ganda and Paan as I window shop for Lenghas and then enjoy some amazing Chaat to end the day.
  2. Most underrated spot in the city: stackt market—many tourists don’t know about this urban container market that always has fun events and experiences for all ages.
  3. Describe Toronto to someone who's never visited: Toronto has an energy that visitors can easily tap into, but if you want to get a real feel for the city, you have to chat with locals who will share the best restaurants, bars and experiences because things change so often in the city!

    Toronto is filled with amazing food for all palates, which also helps keep my curiosity and constant need to experience new things satisfied.

Yashy's Toronto Picks

Yashy's Toronto Picks