The patio at Bellwoods Brewery in summer on Ossington Street


Renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, Ossington in Toronto’s Westside captures the essence of the city’s creative and diverse spirit. Most recognized for frequent live music events, unique restaurants and fun nightlife, it has become a hotspot for locals and visitors wanting an unforgettable visit to Toronto.

Where Ossington is located

Ossington Avenue stretches from Dundas Street West to Queen Street West; its central locale makes it easily accessible. Come, explore and immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of this ever-evolving district in the heart of Toronto.

Trendy dining & drink scene

Ossington boasts a diverse and thriving food and drink scene, making it ideal for those seeking a memorable culinary experience.

From the sophisticated Paris Paris, perfect for a leisurely evening with friends on its expansive outdoor patio, to the dive-bar energy of Sweaty Betty’s, with its extensive indoor horror-themed décor and cosy atmosphere, this strip has something for everyone. Soos is one of the only Ossington restaurants that offers Malaysian street food in an intimate yet lively atmosphere with the fun option to blind order different delicacies of their choosing. Those seeking Ossington bars will want to head out to Bellwoods Brewery, the perfect spot for widespread options of craft beers, including sours and barrel-aged. 

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Festivals & events

Ossington isn’t just a district; it's a community that loves to celebrate. Throughout the year, Ossington hosts a variety of events and festivals that bring the neighbourhood to life, the biggest one being OssFest Toronto. OssFest is a pedestrian takeover of the Ossington strip and a summertime favourite. Inclusive to everyone, even pets, it entertains the masses with games, street dancing, live music, market stalls and more.

Don’t miss out on more fun events that fill out the rest of the calendar year, from burlesque nights and New Year's Eve celebrations to block parties and pop-up markets. Ossington is one of the most exciting districts for year-round entertainment.


Indulge your retail therapy cravings with a stroll through Ossington shops. From the curated classic finds at I Miss You Vintage to the extensive lifestyle selections at The Latest Scoop, Ossington's shopping scene is a delightful treasure trove. Lastly, you’ll never tire of the endless discovery of trendy items at one-of-a-kind boutiques such as Peace Collective, the purposeful fashion corner of the avenue. In every nook of Ossington, you'll find a fusion of culture, creativity and community.

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