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As one of North America’s top centres for life sciences and medical research, Toronto is advancing clinical and commercial innovations for better healthcare delivery and patient care. Conference and meeting planners will find unique opportunities for delegates to experience local collaborations, tour research centres, and meet innovators—from biopharmaceuticals to ground-breaking medical technologies.

We welcome events that explore opportunities for industry-academic partnerships. Strong university and entrepreneurial programs and incubators include our downtown Discovery District that houses more than 30 diverse research institutes and facilities within a 10-minute walk.

Toronto’s life sciences sector employs more than 36,000 professionals in paid research, pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical instruments and devices. Over half of Canada’s pharmaceutical companies are represented here, including 53 of the world’s top firms including AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche and Johnson & Johnson with local operations.

One the world’s most multi-cultural cities, Toronto opens doors to visiting scholars and researchers.

We wanted to emphasize the translational stage of stem cell biology at the meeting, and chose the perfect venue: Toronto really embraces diversity and innovation. We had access to the top thought-leaders in the field.

Robert Deans, PhD, member of the Toronto Organizing Committee for the International Symposium of The International Society for Stem Cell Research

A few of us from the downtown hospitals ran tours of our transfusion labs, research centres. At St. Michael’s, we hosted folks from Taiwan and Japan. Toronto General Hospital hosted representatives from Uganda. This was very much appreciated. Beyond the congress, we had an epic party at Polson Pier. I had a lot of positive feedback. Again, diversity and variety were the most common themes. People felt safe, accepted, welcomed.

Dr. Katerina Pavenski, Head of Transfusion Medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital and local Chair for the 35th International Congress of the International Society of Blood Transfusion

Meetings in Toronto benefit from:

  • Access to talented speakers and renowned industry thought-leaders
  • An engaged talent pool with opportunity to drive attendance and membership
  • Access to local sponsorships through a connected, local network
  • An engaged local community for network, off-site venues and innovative site visits



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