The shops and markets of Toronto's Chinatown on Spadina Avenue


Established in 1878, Chinatown is one of Toronto’s oldest and most dynamic neighbourhoods. You’ll find bustling produce markets that spill out onto the street, numerous shops and food stalls, neon signs and a plethora of cuisines (not only Chinese— here’s a strong Vietnamese contingent too, for example).

Don’t miss:

  • Strolling Spadina Avenue for the tastiest Peking duck, or taking your pick of Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese eats
  • House of Gourmet for their renowned wonton-brisket-noodle-soup
  • Tap Phong for wall-to-wall kitchen supplies and every cooking tool you can imagine
  • Sonic Boom, a cavernous emporium for new and used music, books … and candy
  • Booking a guided food tour. There’s a fun dumpling crawl where you can taste test your way through those fluffy pillows of deliciousness

BOUNDARIES: Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street West.

PUBLIC TRANSIT (TTC): St. Patrick subway station and the 505 streetcar.

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