MICHELIN Star Restaurants in Toronto

The 2023 selection includes 82 restaurants and 28 types of cuisine in the first Canadian city to be recognized by the MICHELIN Guide.

In the second edition of the MICHELIN Guide in Toronto, 15 restaurants have been awarded a MICHELIN Star. The full selection of restaurants includes 21 Bib Gourmands, 46 Recommended restaurants and two restaurants recognized with the city’s first Green Stars. The 2023 new additions to the guide also include recognitions for Toronto's 2023 winners of the Service Award, Sommelier of the Year, Exceptional Cocktail and Young Chef

As one of the most multicultural cities in the world, Toronto’s culinary scene is truly a cultural phenomenon. Our kitchens are renowned for their global influences, and our chefs for their extraordinary drive and talent.

MICHELIN Guide in Toronto is a symbol of international distinction. It invites the world to come and dive into Toronto’s world-spanning bites—to try something new, explore different cultures, and taste the special Toronto twist and fusion of flavours.

It is also a celebration of the culinary magic and craft our chefs and restaurants have long been appreciated for, by both locals and travellers.

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2023 MICHELIN Guide Toronto 2 Star restaurants

This recognition is awarded to restaurants with excellent cooking, worth a detour.

Sushi Masaki Saito © Sushi Masaki Saito

Sushi Masaki Saito

Even if you lived next door, omakase with Chef Masaki Saito would still feel like a faraway adventure. The foyer's marble staircase, a 200-year-old...

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2023 MICHELIN Guide Toronto 1 Star restaurants

This recognition is awarded to restaurants with high-quality cooking, worth a stop.

Aburi Hana © Leslie Seto/Aburi Hana

Aburi Hana

The air is charged here—you'll immediately sense that your evening is headed somewhere interesting. Minimalist in design, Aburi Hana saves the drama...

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Alo © Jonathan Adediji/Alo


Everyone has a good time at Chef Patrick Kriss’ beloved Alo. You can sense this much at the lively bar, where walk-ins are treated like VIPs by...

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Alobar Yorkville © Jonathan Adediji/Alobar Yorkville

Alobar Yorkville

Squirreled away down an alley and built out with seafoam green banquettes and sleek wood tables cast in an amber glow, this effortlessly cool destination...

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Don Alfonso 1890 © Paula Wilson/Don Alfonso 1890

Don Alfonso 1890

When you want to feel like a proper adult, book a harbour-facing table at Don Alfonso 1890. Nestled atop the Westin, this restaurant feels like the...

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Edulis © Tobey Nemeth/Edulis


Tucked away on Niagara Street sits this charming red house with a small flower-filled patio. Inside is equally winsome, with polished wood floors...

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Enigma Yorkville © Francis Jian Zhang

Enigma Yorkville

Chef Quinton Bennett's resume, with stints in London, Copenhagen and Johannesburg, is as varied and glittering as the tile mosaics that stretch across...

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Frilu © Tony Lam/Frilu


There is a saying that we should dance like nobody’s watching. This adage feels true of Chef John-Vincent Troiano, who cooks to his own rhythm...

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Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto © Goh Iromoto/Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto

Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto

There is something special about this place and it's not just because it's connected to the Canadian Japanese Cultural Center. Instead of a traditional...

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Kappo Satto © YOSHI/Kappo Satto

Kappo Sato *new in 2023

Unlike the quiet ceremony of a sushi omakase or the formal structure of a kaiseki, this freewheeling tasting is driven solely by Chef Takeshi Sato, who swims...

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Osteria Giulia © Rick O'Brien/Osteria Giulia

Osteria Giulia

It seems nearly impossible to have a bad time at Chef Rob Rossi’s Italian stunner. Flickering candlelight bounces off cream-colored walls and blond...

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Quetzal © Rick O'Brien/Quetzal


It is all hands on deck at this high-style destination. Almost everything on this tight menu passes through the kitchen’s 26-foot-long wood-burning...

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Restaurant 20 Victoria © Graydon/Herriott/Restaurant 20 Victoria

Restaurant 20 Victoria *new in 2023

On a quiet stretch of downtown Toronto, Chef Julie Hyde is making her talents known in this tiny-but-mighty restaurant that captured the city’s heart...

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Shoushin © Jackie Lin/Shoushin


Shoushin makes a dramatic first impression with its facade of light stone, and the drama continues inside, where a stunning hinoki counter awaits eager...

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Yukashi © Agato Consulting Inc./Yukashi


Chef Daisuke Izutsu has cooked for royals, dignitaries, and you, if you're one of the lucky 15 who has secured a seat at the intimate Yukashi. Firmly...

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2023 MICHELIN Guide Toronto Bib Gourmand restaurants

This recognition is awarded to restaurants with good value cooking.

The Ace © Samantha Meglioli/The Ace

The Ace

Set your alarm. This is cooking worth waking up for. Indeed, brunch usually isn’t a kitchen’s brightest moment, but that is far from true at The Ace...

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Alma © Sarah Kohler/Alma


Chef Anna Chen dazzles in Bloordale Village from this minimally adorned shoebox of a restaurant. Scallion bread with stracciatella cheese and eggplant...

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Bar Raval © Alexa Fernando/Bar Raval

Bar Raval

Are we in San Sebastian or Toronto? Open day and night since 2015, Grant van Gameren’s ode to Spain continues to be just the kind of place to get lost...

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BB's © Daniel Neuhaus

BB's *new in 2023

Start your morning or fire up your evening at this groovy Filipino diner bursting with color and coolness. Sea foam green tile, pink booths and turquoise...

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Campechano © Shane Cay/Campechano


If you’re here for anything but tacos, you’ve come to the wrong place. Time flies at this cozy hotspot that sources heirloom corn from Mexico and...

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Cherry Street Bar-B-Que © Lawrence LaPianta/Cherry Street Bar-B-Que

Cherry St. Bar-B-Que

With views of the downtown skyline and construction sites on all sides, this popular Port Lands joint feels far from the rest of the city. In a way...

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Chica's Chicken © Chica's Chicken

Chica's Chicken

This humble corner in the Junction is a faithful tribute to "hot chicken," a fiery, eye-watering style popularized in the American South. Chickens are...

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Enoteca Sociale © Rick O'Brien/Enoteca Sociale

Enoteca Sociale

A home away from home, this venerable Roman favorite recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a quick renovation that has paid off handsomely...

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Fat Pasha © Anthony Rose/Fat Pasha

Fat Pasha

Is there a better patio in the city? Under a canopy of trees, communal tables and an easy breeze make for a surefire summer destination. But even from...

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Favorites Thai © Ningjingjing Liu/Favorites Thai

Favorites Thai

This vibrant Thai hot spot hides in plain sight along Ossington Avenue. A quick walk through a tiny coffee shop to the very back leads to the actual...

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Fonda Balam © Sid Tangerine/Fonda Balam

Fonda Balam

Is that the best lengua taco you’ve ever had? Is there a better birria in the city? You might find yourself asking a lot of questions at this casual...

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Grey Gardens © Jenna Marie Wakani/Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens

Everyone is drawn to restaurateur Jen Agg's hip, boisterous venue, which manages both style and substance with confident charm. An excellent wine list...

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Indian Street Food Company

Found in Leaside along a packed row of shops on Bayview Avenue, this neighborhood stalwart delivers a tight menu of street food favorites and regional...

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La Bartola © Iván Castro/La Bartola

La Bartola

Chef/owner Ivan Castro developed a passion for cooking at the heels of his mother and grandmother, and he shares the vibrant spirit and bold flavor of...

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Puerto Bravo © Luis Bautista/Puerto Bravo

Puerto Bravo

Puerto Bravo is a quaint little spot on a busy street. The menu is also compact, leaning heavily on seafood while spotlighting regional cooking from...

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R&D © Pauline Yu/R&D


In a match made on primetime, Chef Alvin Leung was one of the judges who declared Eric Chong the winner of "MasterChef Canada’s" first season, before...

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SumiLicious Smoked Meat & Deli © Shalika De Fonseka/SumiLicious Smoked Meat & Deli

SumiLicious Smoked Meat & Deli

In a non-descript Scarborough shopping center, Sumith Fernando’s smoked meat is something of a rite of passage. Fernando spent nearly two decades learning...

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Sunnys Chinese © Gabriel Li/Sunnys Chinese

Sunnys Chinese *new in 2023

In the belly of Kensington Market, down a hallway that nearly looks like a dead-end, you will find the door to this high-energy hotspot...

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Tiflisi © Tiflisi

Tiflisi *new in 2023

East of downtown Toronto in Beaches, the Pkhakadze family delivers some of the city’s best and brightest Georgian cooking. Portions are built to share...

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White Lily Diner © Pawelec Photo/White Lily Diner

White Lily Diner *new in 2023

Old school diners are rare creatures these days, but ones that smoke their own bacon, make their own biscuits and donuts, bottle their own hot sauce...

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Wynona © Wynona


Wynona is a lively and friendly neighborhood bistro. The open kitchen is the heartbeat of the place—snag a seat at one of the tables to watch the chef...

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2023 MICHELIN Guide Toronto Green Star restaurants

This recognition is awarded to restaurants with a commitment to commendable environmental practices and ingenuity reflected in the sustainable practices used in everyday work 

Frilu © Tony Lam/Frilu


There is a saying that we should dance like nobody’s watching. This adage feels true of Chef John-Vincent Troiano, who cooks to his own rhythm...

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White Lily Diner © Pawelec Photo/White Lily Diner

White Lily Diner *new in 2023

Old school diners are rare creatures these days, but ones that smoke their own bacon, make their own biscuits and donuts, bottle their own hot sauce...

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About the MICHELIN Guide

The iconic MICHELIN Guide showcases incredible dining experiences in culinary destinations. First created in 1900 as a guide for motorists exploring the French countryside, the guide has expanded to over 35 countries, awarding more than 3,275 of its prestigious Stars to top restaurants around the globe. Toronto joins the ranks for the second year in the row, adding 16 Stars and Canada as a destination on the MICHELIN Guide map.

How the MICHELIN Guide Selection Works

The MICHELIN Guide ratings are awarded by a group of expert inspectors, who are professional culinary critics trained in the MICHELIN Guide method. The inspectors are anonymous and behave like any other customer in the restaurant. They then use a consistent set of criteria to judge the quality of the establishment.

Restaurants may receive one, two or three MICHELIN Guide Stars based on five criteria:

  1. Quality of ingredients 
  2. Mastery of the cooking 
  3. Harmony of the flavours 
  4. Artistry of the Chef as reflected in the cuisine 
  5. Consistency, both over time and across the entire menu

Beyond the Star ratings, MICHELIN Guide also awards Bib Gourmand, Recommended and Green Star recognitions.

Three MICHELIN Stars Three Stars—exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey

Two MICHELIN Stars Two Stars—excellent cooking, worth a detour

MICHELIN Star One Star—high-quality cooking, worth a stop

MICHELIN Bib Gourmand "Bib Gourmand"—good value cooking

MICHELIN Green Star "MICHELIN Green Star"—commitment to commendable environmental practices, ingenuity reflected in the sustainable practices used in everyday work 

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Stories from the MICHELIN Guide

Stories from the MICHELIN Guide