Meet Andrew Gunadie

Andrew Gunadie, aka gunnarolla, is a host and video producer who travels the world. You may recognize him from YouTube and TikTok, or from series he’s hosted on Travel Channel, Tastemade and GameTV.

As a major foodie and avid cyclist, he loves the diversity of cuisine and food festivals that you can find in Toronto, and that getting between neighbourhoods is easily accomplished with Toronto’s growing network of bike paths and Bike Share program.


  1. Favourite Toronto neighbourhood: Downtown Chinatown for its multitude of Asian restaurants and cafés and its proximity to other iconic Toronto neighbourhoods like Kensington Market and Queen West. Whatever type of cuisine you crave, you can find it along or adjacent to Spadina. It’s super walkable and the TTC streetcar runs right through it.
  2. Favourite time of year in Toronto: The transition between summer to fall, bookended by the CNE and TIFF, two of the biggest annual events in Toronto. I love milder temperatures, and the Don Valley looks stunning with its changing colours—best experienced by bike! And let’s not forget about fall fashion. Everyone is out on the streets looking their best.
  3. Secret Toronto spot: Head out all the way east to Rouge National Urban Park, the largest urban park in Canada. You’ve got trails, wildlife, lake views and a beach. It’s a great way to reconnect with nature, and the best getaway from city life—while staying in the city.

Andrew's Toronto Picks

Andrew's Toronto Picks