A selection of craft beer and food available at Toronto's Steam Whistle Brewery

Toronto’s Top Breweries that Really Raise the Bar

Bring on the beers! Toronto breweries are a great place to get a quick taste of life in the 6ix. Nearly every neighbourhood in Toronto has a brewery of its own, and making a hop between them gives you a quick shorthand for each district’s character readily available for those who pop their heads in. 

Some brewers, like Godspeed’s Luc Lafontaine, have made a name for themselves not just in Toronto or Ontario, but across Canada. Others sprinkled along Bloor West are known for innovative wine-beer hybrids that push the boundaries of beverage culture and make a fan of everyone — even those who are not beer lovers.

And still others tap into Toronto’s rich international heritage and deep ties to Eastern European countries with strong beer cultures and easily blend in flavours from all of the world — a true testament to this city and its inhabitants. The hardest part will be narrowing down which Toronto breweries make your suds bucket list and how to explore as many as possible.

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