The Behemoth roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland

Highlights for 2024

Officially opening on May 3, 2024, Canada's Wonderland has a jam-packed events lineup through spring, summer, fall and winter. Highlights for 2024 include:

  • Moosehorn Falls: (May 25) A new giant boomerang water slide will send you on a rafting adventure, travelling down a rushing river cascade of twists, turns and drops before being propelled to the summit of a zero-gravity, 13-metre wall.
  • Fireworks: Every long weekend, with two nights over the Canada Day long weekend, witness explosive light and colour high above the skyline choreographed to a lively soundtrack.  
  • Celebration Canada: (June 28 – July 7) Canada's birthday celebration will showcase daily live music, authentic Canadian food and drink, street performers and more.
  • SickKids Day at Canada’s Wonderland: (July 11) The park will be supporting SickKids Hosptial with this exciting fundraiser and exclusive park experience. A limited number of tickets will be sold that include parking, admission, early ride times and a catered lunch, with proceeds going to the hospital.
  • KidZfest: (July 13 – July 28)  This party is perfect for families and kids! Presented in partnership with Treehouse, enjoy special guest appearances from favourite TV characters like Peppa Pig and meet and greets with Marvel superheroes.
  • Oktoberfest: (September 6-8, September 13-15 & September 20-22) The popular festival is expanding to three weekends in 2024. Enjoy classic sausage, schnitzel, Bavarian pretzels, and a tall stein of refreshing lager, while dancing to traditional festival bands.
  • Halloween Haunt : (September 27 to October 27) The spooky event returns to Canada's Wonderland, featuring five terrifying scare zones, hundreds of monsters, thrilling night rides, amazing live entertainment and eight mazes including a new attraction that will get hearts pounding
  • Camp Spooky: (September 28 – October 27) This family-friendly Halloween event returns with trick-or-treating, mazes, costume parades, live shows with The PEANUTS Gang, interactive games, rides and more! 
  • Winterfest: (November 23 - January 4) Then the park transforms into an immersive world of holiday magic for the return of WinterFest.

Best rides at Canada's Wonderland

The place has 18 bona fide roller coasters—third-most in the world—and more than 200 attractions with a 20-acre water park. Among the most exhilarating attractions are the iconic Leviathan, Canada's Wonderland's crown jewel. This monstrous roller coaster offers an adrenaline-pumping experience with its breathtaking drops and high-speed twists, consistently ranking as one of the top rides in North America. For those craving a more intense experience, the Canada's Wonderland Vortex provides a whirlwind adventure with its heart-pounding inversions and gravity-defying maneuvers. Another standout is the Behemoth, Canada's Wonderland's tallest and fastest roller coaster, delivering an unmatched sensation of speed and airtime. With these unforgettable rides and many more, Canada's Wonderland guarantees an unforgettable day of excitement and thrills for all who visit.

Places to eat in Canada’s Wonderland

Whether you crave a classic amusement park hot dog or a slew of sweets, there is no shortage of food at Canada’s Wonderland. Visitors can purchase dining plans with tickets to save some cash.

Apres Poutinerie

It’s simply classic Canadian poutine, dressed to the nines with delicious gravy and some Quebec cheese curds. You can also quench your thirst with a soda or bottle of ice-cold water here.


This 50s-themed diner is a great place to stop on a hot summer day, as the restaurant is air-conditioned with plenty of seating. Also, the fries and burgers are to die for!

Hot Dog

Now with vegetarian hot dogs to satisfy every park-goer, this simple hot dog stand is exactly what it promises. Don’t forget to load up on toppings!

Sugar and Spice Pastry Shop

From waffles and ice cream to cheesecake dipped in chocolate, your sweet tooth will be well satisfied after a trip to the Sugar and Spice Pastry Shop.

Things to do at Canada’s Wonderland

Before you set foot in the park, you can take a virtual tour of this vast entertainment wonderland. Take a seat on one of Canada’s Wonderland's tallest, scariest roller coasters in an ultra-realistic video of the Yukon Striker. Adjust to full-screen, press play and get ready for some screaming.

In the summer months, beat the heat with Splash Works, a 20-acre water park featuring the Plunge, Super Soaker, Rip Tide Racer and lazy river. The water park also has enough rides to leave you and your family cooled off and ready to head back to the main section of the park to dry off.

In addition to the brand new Snoopy’s Racing Railway, there are tons of world-class roller coasters at Canada’s Wonderland. With the Fast Lane wristband, enjoy unlimited rides and bypass the lines on 21 rides and attractions. Fast Lane Plus lets you bypass the lines on three of the most popular roller coasters: Yukon Striker, Leviathan and Behemoth.

More cutting-edge attractions include the Mountain Bay Cliffs, where kids can climb to various heights to jump into the water below. At Beagle Brigade Airfield, the young ones will love the ride that takes them into the sky in an old-fashioned aeroplane.

Kids of all ages can have fun with Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts Gang in Planet Snoopy. They can also take part in a leisurely boat ride at Swan Lake or take a spin on the Character Carousel. 

Another addition to the park is Tundra Twister. An exciting ride that is a giant 360-degree spinning swing that twists and twirls upside-down. 

Splashworks waterpark at Canada's Wonderland
Experience the thrills at Canada's Wonderland waterpark, Splashworks

Cool off at Timberwolf Falls, a water ride where you’ll plunge 50 ft down and get absolutely soaked from the giant splash. If you’re not big on coasters, you can still get soaked on the observation deck right by the flume.

A day at the theme park can work up an appetite. The food at Canada’s Wonderland will help satisfy your taste buds and provide more energy for you to hit up the rest of the rides. Funnel cakes are a theme park must!

The fun and thrills at Canada’s Wonderland don’t end with the rides. The live entertainment is amazing too, with acts such as the Victoria Falls High Divers, who leap off the falls on Wonder Mountain, and Starlight Spectacular, a phenomenal evening display of lighting, music, lasers and water effects.

There are also several different events all season long with special programming on long weekends. Don’t miss out!

Fun facts about Canada’s Wonderland

  • Yukon Striker is the world’s fastest, longest and tallest dive coaster

  • Canada’s Wonderland is home to 18 coasters, ranking third in the world for most roller coasters at an amusement park

  • The cold water from Wonder Mountain serves as the park’s air conditioning, flowing through pipes that travel throughout the park

  • Canada’s Wonderland sends absolutely zero waste to landfills, instead using ongoing recycling programs

  • The fireworks displays at Canada’s Wonderland exceed 6,000 explosions, with some of them reaching as high as 183 m

  • Canada’s Wonderland opened in 1981 with just five roller coasters

How to get to Canada’s Wonderland

By car: Take Highway 400 North or South to Rutherford Road in Vaughan (Exit 33). Proceed north on Canada’s Wonderland Drive and follow signs to the Park entrance. A Passenger Pick-Up and Drop-Off area is located on Jane Street, south of Major Mackenzie Drive, between Norwood Avenue and Avro Avenue.

By TTC: Take the subway to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) Station located at Highway 7 and Millway Avenue. Hop on the 20 Jane St. North bus. Exit at Avro Road/Jane Street.

By YRT: At Vaughan Mills YRT Terminal there are four routes you can take:

  • Via Route 4: Major Mackenzie between Vaughan Mills and Woodbine Avenue.
  • Via Route 4A: Major Mackenzie branch offers service between Pine Valley and Woodbine. Passengers may walk into the Park from the bus stops located on Major Mackenzie at Jane Street.
  • Via Route 20: Jane travels between Pioneer Village Terminal and Teston Road.
  • Via Route 720:  Highway 407 Terminal provides limited-stop service between Highway 407 Terminal, SmartVMC Bus Terminal, Vaughan Mills Terminal and Canada's Wonderland (weekends and holidays only)
  • Via Route 760: The frequency and span of service vary depending on the date of service.

Frequently Asked Questions

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