What You Need to Know About Professional Sports in Toronto

From ice hockey and basketball to baseball and soccer, meet the home teams that bring fans to their feet at every game. 

Professional sports fans have plenty to celebrate in Toronto, which is home to an array of pro teams playing everything from ice hockey to basketball to Canadian football, rugby and more.

Whether you love popcorn and crackerjack at a baseball game or the international competition of major league soccer, there’s something for everyone year-round. If you’re wondering what teams to root for while you’re in the 6ix, we’ve got the scoop from Scotiabank Arena to BMO Field to Exhibition Place.

Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been part of the 6ix since 1917 when it was founded as one of the original hockey teams making up the newly minted National Hockey League. In their hundred years on ice, the Leafs have won 13 Stanley Cups, reigned supreme for two dynasties, and routinely fill Scotiabank Arena on home game days. 

Toronto Raptors (NBA)

Toronto is hugely proud of its namesake basketball team and has rallied around the Toronto Raptors since they were founded in 1993. 

One of the team's most notable fans is Canadian rapper Drake, who loves the Raptors so much that he is their official ambassador and can regularly be seen in a courtside seat or hosting once-a-season Drake Nights that often sell out.

It's no wonder the Raptors are so beloved, given their record on the court. The Raptors have made the playoffs 12 times and have the longest winning streak of not only any Toronto professional sports team but any sports franchise in all of Canada.

Toronto Blue Jays (MLB)

The Maple Leafs and Argonauts aren't the only Toronto professional sports teams to sport blue and white colours. The Toronto Blue Jays even have their signature colour baked into their name. Toronto’s major league baseball team plays out of the Rogers Centre, a fantastic downtown stadium with a retractable roof where you can enjoy gameday rain or shine. 

There's a lot to enjoy too. Since the team was founded in 1977, they've earned the distinction of being not only the only team from outside the United States to win a World Series; the Toronto Blue Jays were back-to-back World Series champs two years running. 

Another reason to catch a game at the Rogers Center is "OK Blue Jays," the team's signature song by Keith Hampshire and The Bat Boys, which is traditionally played during the seventh inning at home games.

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Toronto Argonauts (CFL)

Whether you've never experienced a Canadian football game or are a seasoned fan, you're in for a treat at a Toronto Argonauts game. The Argos have a long and illustrious history. Founded in 1873, they have the distinction of being not just one of the oldest Toronto professional sports teams but in all of North America, still using their original names. 

They play from the BMO Field in Toronto's Exhibition Centre, a large historic sports complex that hosts events like the Honda Indy Toronto street race. If you want to see an incredibly thrilling game, catch the Argonauts when they're playing their noted rivals from Hamilton, the Tiger-Cats, on their home turf. 

The Toronto Wolfpack (NARL)

One of Toronto's younger sports teams, the Toronto Wolfpack, has already had some exciting twists and turns to its story. Founded in 2016 as a member of the Rugby Football League, the Wolfpack grew in skill and popularity until they were able to join the Super League, a UK-based rugby league. 

The team opted to depart the Super League after the COVID-19 pandemic hammered ticket sales. As of 2021, the Wolfpack is back as part of the new North American Rugby League. That's great news for fans who love to see the pro rugby action at Lamport Stadium in Toronto's fun Liberty Village neighbourhood.

Toronto Marlies (AHL)

The Maple Leafs aren't the only professional sports team dominating hockey in Toronto. The Marlies are the city's American Hockey League team, though they got their start in 1978 in New Brunswick. 

Today the Marlies play out of the Coca-Cola Colosseum, and part of the excitement is seeing tomorrow's Leafs stars earning their first stripes as hotshot minors players for the Marlies. 

Toronto F.C. (MLS)

Soccer is one of the most popular sports worldwide, and Toronto is no exception. The Toronto Football Club represents the 6ix in major league soccer out of BMO Field, which is also home to the Argonauts. 

That's not the only connection the Toronto F.C. has to other professional sports teams. Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment owns some of the most prominent teams in Toronto and all of Canada, including the Maple Leafs, Raptors, and Argonauts.

Toronto Rock (NLL)

Lacrosse is one of Canada's two national sports, and the Toronto Rock was the first Canadian franchise in the NLL. Watch them play at Scotiabank Arena from December to April. 

It's always an enjoyable night out cheering for Toronto's national lacrosse team with good music and excellent game-day entertainment. The Theme Nights such as Country Night and Pride Night draw in big crowds of enthusiastic and encouraging fans. Snag tickets to those nights sooner rather than later.

You can watch Toronto Rock games for free on the Toronto Rock website with a direct link to the NLL Network. Watch every ball drop live or on-demand in your free time.

The Honda Indy Toronto

Team franchises aren’t the only type of professional sports teams in Toronto. There’s also Indy Race, like this Grand Prix that takes place each year on streets throughout Exhibition Place, including Lake Shore Boulevard. 

The Honda Indy Toronto is one of just seven Canadian circuits and stands out as one of the longest-running street races in any country, second only to the Long Beach Grand Prix in California. 

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Meet Toronto's Pro Sports teams

Meet Toronto's Pro Sports teams

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