Outside one of the colourful nightclubs in the Church and Wellesley village

Toronto Gay Village

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When you’re asking about the most 2SLGBTQ+-friendly city in Canada, Toronto stands out, and the Church-Wellesley Village, also known as Toronto Gay Village, plays a large role in that. Whether you’re visiting Toronto or are new to the area and want to know more about what to do in this vibrant gay neighbourhood, we’ve got you covered.

What is there to do in the Gay Village Toronto

Toronto’s queer district offers many day and nighttime entertainment with a dynamic lineup of clubs, restaurants, performing arts and events like Pride Toronto.

Gay Village Toronto Bars & Clubs

Woody’s and SAILOR

Woody’s, which opened in 1989, is about as synonymous with The Village as a drag queen is with being fierce. Known as the starter bar for a night out, Woody’s has a great mix of diversity and includes fun nightly events. Woody’s has also expanded to include the adjacent SAILOR bar, where you’ll find even more exciting drag performances. 

Crews & Tangos

If you’re looking for a gay and lesbian drag bar with karaoke, live performances and two dance floors, each with unique vibes, look no further. Aim to go to Crews & Tangos on a weeknight, and you’ll enjoy an up-close experience from some amazing queens. Note for when you go–it’s a cash-only club.

Pegasus On Church

For a more laid-back night out, head over to Pegasus. With an electric ambiance that includes billiards, ping pong and other multiplayer games, this queer-friendly bar has less of a nightclub feel and more of a chill-with-friends vibe.

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Theatre, Shopping & Restaurants

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

With 45 years in the industry, Buddies celebrates exceptional queer talent. With cutting-edge stories and dynamic sets in an intimate setting, it’s an extraordinary community hub that gives quality theatre performances inclusive to queer audiences that’ll leave you feeling emotionally charged.

Glad Day Bookshop

As the oldest surviving queer bookshop in North America, Glad Day ensures your love of reading is cared for with all the 2SLGBTQ+ literature you can handle. It also serves as a village coffee shop and a great place to get some delicious Sunday drag brunch with Erin Brockobić, who will perk up your morning more than coffee ever will.

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Out On the Street

Explore every inch of this three-story 2SLGBTQ+ store, featuring clothing, accessories, Pride merchandise and more.  

The Churchmouse

The Churchmouse is an iconic Firkin Pub named after a unit of measurement in England and never disappoints if you have a hankering for some pub fare at a great value. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a pint on the patio and watch The Village go by.

Toronto Pride

The Village District becomes even more vibrant and alive every June as it celebrates Pride Toronto along with the rest of the city. The neighbourhood buzzes with excitement and a sense of unity, making it an extraordinary and welcoming space for the 2SLGBTQ+ community and its allies to celebrate love and diversity.

Still looking for more things to do in Toronto’s gay village? Below are even more ways to keep you entertained on your next visit.


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