Robert Playter, CEO, Boston Dynamics, on Centre Stage during day one of Collision 2022 at Enercare Centre in Toronto, Canada.

Connect in a Global IT Hub

As a magnet to both tech titans and cool coders, Toronto’s rising status as a global hub for IT and new media provides a limitless platform to program vibrant events. Our city cultivates a distinctive mix of culture, education, diversity, and talent for tech start-ups to think and thrive — and contribute to a great way of life.

Find what’s new and draw from a rich ecosystem of thought leaders, both global and local. Uber Advanced Technologies Group runs a lab for self-driving cars. Intel, Pinterest and WeWork Labs have set up shop in the city. Not to mention home-grown innovators like InteraXon, developer of brainwave-controlled computing.

More than 18,000 technology companies flourish in Toronto, employing a globally connected talent pool of nearly 400,000 people. Connect with CIOs from the world’s largest leading companies, founders of exciting startups, and experts in applied research working out of our internationally hailed universities.

Toronto is 3rd largest tech centre in North America. And the #1 city for growth in tech jobs.

Collision is riding the wave of Toronto. Toronto is here already. Toronto had already arrived before we came here. I just don’t think a lot of people elsewhere in the world had seen it with their own eyes. That’s my view. We’re riding the wave. Collision is not going to make the wave bigger. If it shines a spotlight on Toronto, OK, great.

Paddy Cosgrave, Web Summit CEO, speaking to VentureBeat

Toronto’s tech scene is rapidly approaching that of San Francisco and New York. If you’re looking to staff a software development project, you’ll want to give it a look. There’s a lot of talent, opportunity, and innovation right across our northern border.

James Chou, CTO at WorkMarket, previously CTO at Shutterstock

Meetings in Toronto benefit from:

  • Access to talented speakers and renowned industry thought-leaders
  • An engaged talent pool with opportunity to drive attendance and membership
  • Access to local sponsorships through a connected, local network
  • An engaged local community for network, off-site venues and innovative site visits



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