Challenge yourself with your friends or family in Toronto’s best immersive escape rooms.

Escape rooms are HOT right now, with new rooms and games popping up steadily. Gather your puzzle-loving friends and family* and then test your mettle against our curated picks below. Here’s where to find the best grown-up and kid-friendly escape rooms in Toronto.

E-EXIT’s “The Chamber of Serpents”

Visit Yorkville for an afternoon pick-me-up before entering E-Exit. This Canadian escape chain offers five unique games, including a few inspired by your favourite sci-fi and fantasy franchises. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, The “Chamber of Serpents” is for you. Become a Hogwarts legend and find the unfindable chambers of Salazar Slytherin. After that, check out “Galaxy Far Away” for a space-inspired challenge. Genre: fantasy (age 6+*)


Revo Escape’s “Bunker: A.I’s Martyrdom”

Those looking to experience a current affairs take on escape room scenarios can expect a thrilling game session from Uptown’s Revo Escape. This specialized escape room has only two games, and neither holds back in difficulty. 

Save the world in their A.I.-fuelled crisis, “Bunker: A.I.’s Martyrdom,” and enter a top-secret military facility to shut down the artificial intelligence entity determined to spark a nuclear fallout. If you survive the first game, try for a second in “The Lab: Lockdown” for a physically engaging laboratory escape. Genre: tech, military (age 13+*)

Secret City Adventures’ “Where Dark Things Dwell”

Step back into the life of 1860s Toronto and experience heirloom gardens, learning stations and up-close encounters with heritage farm animals at an authentically re-created Ontario country village at Black Creek Pioneer Village. But be warned, everything is not what it seems and as the sun sets, something sinister awakens. 

In Black Creek’s game Where Dark Things Dwell, help villagers put an end to a dangerous ritual and an ancient evil. With unmatched historical authenticity, supporting cast and costume design from Toronto’s hottest outdoor escape room, you’re in for an unforgettable night! Genre: history, occult (age 12+*)


Secret City Adventures’ “The Dragon’s Song”

DnD enthusiasts can take campaign-building inspo to the next level with elaborate props, costumes and a real castle in The Dragon's Song. Experience Toronto’s opulent architectural history and marvel at Casa Loma, a Midtown castle built in 1914. 

This heritage museum is another of Secret City Adventure’s expansive network of fantastic and historical escape room venues. In “The Dragon’s Song,” your quest will take you to a tower in the distant land of Avalon. Here, you must save the endangered dragon species from extinction. Genre: fantasy (age 8+*)

The Imaginarium’s “The Wrath of Amun Ra”

A new player in the escape scene, North York’s The Imaginarium promises sky-high production value with no details spared in every game. Tread into the sandy temple of an Egyptian God in “The Wrath of Amun Ra.” In this game, you must break the angry God’s curse to save modern-day civilization from a catastrophic storm. If you’re still hungry for more, jump into The Steampunk Express. Genre: history, occult (age 13+*)


Dream Escape’s “The Abduction”

Bring together friends old and new at the Annex neighbourhood’s Dream Escape. Step inside their sleek lounge (known for its queer-centric raves and parties) for mixologist-prepped drinks and board games with your people. When you’re ready, enter “The Abduction.” 

After waking on an alien ship, you must escape your captors and deduce their motive for abducting you. This ultra-detailed and immersive game contains obstacles, including restraints, crawl spaces, narrow passages and more, with a scalable difficulty level. If you’re ready to take it further, continue the storyline and enter the depths below in “The Cavern.” Genre: science fiction (all ages, kid-friendly*)

Tip: for a bustling, electric experience, visit Dream Escape on a Friday. For a low-key vibe where you can sample off-the-menu experimental drinks, come Wednesday nights.

Looking Glass Adventures’ “Operation Flamingo, Secret Agent”

Take the dive with your fam and get puzzling at Looking Glass Adventures. Check out their family-friendly game “Operation Flamingo, Secret Agent” and infiltrate the home of an elaborate mastermind, extracting dangerous items to complete your mission. For a spookier experience, check out “It Came from the Attic!” Stroll the Danforth before or after for stellar Greek food, vegetarian cuisine or gelato. Genre: espionage (all ages, kid-friendly*)


Enigma Escape Room’s “Fairytales”

Get curious with your kids at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and then stroll south for a fairy tale fantasy at Enigma Escape Room. In their game. “Fairytales,” you’ll be locked in a magical room full of storybook puzzles that you’ll need to crack to be set free. If you still want more, check out “The Lost Treasure.” Genre: fantasy (all ages, kid-friendly*)

Roundabout’s “The Ninja”

Do you have what it takes to become a Shinobi? Test your merit in “The Ninja” from escape room Roundabout, located just steps from busy downtown Yonge Street. In this game, Master Kotaro has concealed meaningful artifacts in the Dojo. Find your headbands within an hour to claim your rank… or hit the bricks! If the master’s test isn’t enough for you, escape an untimely fate by pulling a prison break in “The Prisoner.” Genre: history, martial arts (all ages, kid-friendly*)


Escape Manor’s “Sherwood Forest”

If you’re looking for a full evening’s worth of family fun, the King West neighbourhood’s Escape Manor has you covered. Spend an hour or two axe-throwing, enjoy drinks and dinner (with vegan options) and get your crew in gear in one of several of the host games. In “Sherwood Forest,” you’ll join Robin Hood and his merry men to thwart King John and redistribute his wealth to the people. Or, if something creepy is preferred, survive the Winemaker in “Wine Cellar.” Genre: history (all ages, kid-friendly*)

* Note: our age recommendations are based on info shared on each escape room’s website, but these guidelines may not be appropriate for everyone. Some locations require adult supervision for specific age ranges. Contact each escape room directly if unsure about its suitability.