Whether you want thin crust, thick, crispy or cheesy, locals like these slices best.

Where can you find the best pizza in the city? Well, it depends on who you ask. But before answering the hotly debated question, most Torontonians will have a series of follow-up questions relating to the crust, sauce, style and topping preferences. 

You see, we take our pizza very seriously so recommendations aren’t taken lightly. But rest assured, there are countless mouthwatering pizza joints dotting the city so you will find your perfect slice. As always, we’re here to help. 

Here’s a shortlist to kick off your delicious journey.

One Night Only Pizza

Perhaps the city’s best-kept pizza secret, One Night Only Pizza started as what’s best described as a porch pizza lottery (only ten lucky customers scored a pie each week when they launched during the pandemic). Thankfully, it has since grown into a successful brick-and-mortar operation so the odds of tasting their delicious pizzas are in your favour. 

Head to this Eastside neighborhood gem for the #6ix Pizza. Made using organic Canadian flour (the dough is fermented for 72 hours), it’s topped with organic tomato sauce, mozzarella, house-pickled hot pepper blend, shaved red onion and finished with parmesan and fresh basil. 

Pizzeria Badiali

Expect long lineups outside this New York-style slice shop and for good reason—their Burrata Marinara pizza is often touted as the best in the city! Topped with quality ingredients like Sicilian oregano, fresh basil, crushed tomato and creamy burrata, Pizzeria Badiali will likely have you hooked after one bite. 

Eataly Toronto 

Regardless of whether you dine at La Pizza & La Pasta at the Yorkville or Sherway Gardens location, Eataly Toronto has you covered if you’re on the hunt for authentic Italian pizza. Grab a seat and watch their dough-tossing pizzaioli (pizza makers) create some of the best traditional Neapolitan-style pizza in the city.

Fresca Pizza & Pasta

If you know, you know. This no-frills, family-run pizza joint on College Street serves delicious slices that won’t break the bank. The crust is medium-thick, the marinara sauce is flavourful and the garlic-and-basil-infused oil they brush on top is the unique twist that has their loyal customers returning for more. 

Maker Pizza 

These guys are dough-obsessed and have made it a mission to enhance what many already consider the perfect pizza. Backed by local celebrity chef Matty Matheson, you can expect tantalizing and unique flavours at Maker Pizza—sweet, spicy, creamy, herby. All of it. 

Insider tip: they drop limited-edition pizzas so keep your eyes peeled because they don’t last long! 

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria 

This pizza joint is for you if you love a thin crust like I do. Inspired by Brooklyn’s passion for pizza, North of Brooklyn Pizzeria makes some of the best thin-crust pizza in the city—light and airy, but with a solid undercarriage. 

They always nail the cheese-to-sauce ratio so even a Margherita will impress here, but go for a specialty pie if you’re feeling adventurous. The Killer Bee is a personal fave. 

Descendant Detroit Style Pizza

For Detroit Style pizza aka upside down pizza (the sauce is on top) head to Descendant Detroit Style Pizza. These square pizzas have a thick, chewy crust with crisp corners and will hit the spot when you’re ready to indulge. 

Trust me, your tastebuds will remember this spot. Don’t skip the signature dips here—my favourite is the garlic parm aioli. 

Pizzeria Libretto 

Looking for authentic Neapolitan pizza? Pizzeria Libretto serves up real VPN (Verace Pizza Napoletana) pizza and was one of the first pizza joints to do so in Toronto. They use a 72-hour fermented sourdough base and cook their pizzas at 850° to get a charred and blistered crust that’s hard to beat. 

Slowhand Sourdough Pizza 

Another east-end pandemic success story, Slowhand Sourdough Pizza is where you’ll want to head for a thick-crust sourdough pie that’s surprisingly light and airy. 

If I had to pick one pizza at this joint, it would be the Peter Piper with Ezzo pepperoni, pickled jalapeño peppers, ricotta dollops and hot honey drizzle. But if you want to step out of your comfort zone and try something unconventional, go for the What’s The Dill Yo? You guessed it, this one is covered in dill pickles!

Sud Forno 

You can buy pizza stirata by the slice (al taglio) or by the meter at this popular Italian spot. It’s likely different than the pizza you’re used to, but when in Rome—I mean, Toronto—the Roman-style pizza at Sud Forno is a must! 

Formed by stretching the dough up to four feet, it’s dimpled by hand and topped with authentic Italian ingredients. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds.

Bar Sugo

Formerly known as Conzo’s, these guys are passionate about pizza and are known for making some of Toronto’s most flavourful pizza sauce. 

The staff at Bar Sugo are also super friendly so you’ll want to dine in at this Bloor West spot where you’ll immediately feel like family. Reservations are limited and they’re popular so book ahead!