Discover Toronto through the eyes of CBC’s Sort Of stars Bilal and Amanda.

Sort Of is CBC’s comedy-drama television series, following the lives of a collective of characters who are all in transition in some way or form in their life—and set unapologetically in Toronto. 

Sort Of stars Bilal Baig and Amanda Cordner are passionate about the city they live, work and play in. Here they share their Toronto faves from must-see bucket list items to what makes the city so special.

Favourite coffee shop

AC: “L'Espresso Mercurio. The most divine espresso. I’m a cappuccino fiend and they make it the best.”

Favourite place to dance

AC: “Lula Lounge. It has the best of both worlds. They have a live band and DJ, and they switch all night. So you get a set of live, you get a set with the DJ, and they play a lot of top 40 as well as Latin-inspired music.”

Favourite cocktail bar

BB: “Project Gigglewater. It's a good vibe. I feel like they rotate the cocktails too. It feels like every time there’s something different on the menu… which makes it the perfect date night spot.”

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Favourite Indian restaurant

BB: "Lahore Tikka House. For me that was a place I was going as a kid. And not just for the nostalgia. It's excellent and excellent."

AC: "Banjara is my favourite Indian. You just will not be disappointed, with anything you choose. And great portion sizes. You never leave that place hungry. You're satisfied."

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Favourite Italian restaurant

AC: “My favourite Italian spot is called Ferro. Wow. Wow. Wow. Their gnocchi melt in your mouth”

Favourite park

AC & BB: "We like Dufferin Grove. The reflexology path. Wow. You can take an Instagram photo on the path."

Top three favourite restaurants

BB & AC: “Banjara. Loga's Corner. The Daily Grind.”

Favourite sandwich shop

AC: "Completo is this small sandwich shop. I’m not a vegetarian, but their veggie burgers are unreal."

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Favourite attraction

AC: "Ripley’s Aquarium . I love that I can observe different species of fish in one place in Toronto. They’re really making an experience there. My dream is to have a peaceful tour of Ripley's like Rihanna and Drake did for one of their dates."

Favourite neighbourhood

AC: “Kensington Market, for me, is a fusion of culture, food, artistic experience. You could really get it all there. And people! You meet so many people from all over the world who are visiting Toronto.”

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