Here’s your go-to bucket list of must-try, only-in-Toronto experiences for all budgets and interests.

Live on the edge

Crank your adrenaline levels 116 storeys above the city, with just a safety harness securing you to the roof of the CN Tower’s observation deck. EdgeWalk at the CN Tower is hands-free, so you can fist pump for your souvenir snaps—and show them off on your Insta—if you dare!

Drive your dream car 

Climb into a Lambo and roar around the speedway at Toronto Motorsports ParkThe Exotic Dream Car experience lets you choose from among the world’s most coveted speed machines like the Ferrari F430 or Lamborghini Gallardo.

Dive into adventure 

Explore new depths at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. Enjoy live music with the vibrant company of 20,000 sea and freshwater creatures during Friday Night Jazz at the Aquarium.

Dine like royalty

Feast like a King or Queen in historic Casa Loma’s BlueBlood Steakhouse. Splurge on a big-money cut like dry-aged porterhouse from Alberta, or on a sampler of Japanese, American and Australian Wagyu filet.

Book a private heli tour

Dazzle bae with the city’s most exclusive skyline views in a Toronto Heli Tours chopper. Or step up the drama with a private twilight tour, guaranteed to mesmerize with epic views of the lake, sunset and sparkling city lights.

Charter a plane to Niagara Falls

You’ve probably seen Niagara Falls from a few different angles, and if you haven’t we highly recommend it. But did you know that you can also see them from above? Choose from many Toronto charter companies to fly over and around the falls, including other natural wonders of the Niagara region. How’s that for a weekend getaway?

Geek out to rare books

Bibliophile? Goosebumps await at the Toronto Reference Library’s rare books and special collections. Explore books, manuscripts and memorabilia, including historical photos, costumes and modern works.

Drop anchor in Toronto Harbour

Live the luxe life on a Gone Sailing Adventures private chartered yacht: pop the bubbly and toast the sunset together. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and family indulged in a Toronto Island tour on the WhiRLygirl yacht—and you should too!

Sleep like a rockstar

Ever wondered how the rich and famous sleep—particularly Lenny Kravitz? The Bisha Hotel has an entire floor designed by the rockstar himself. From hallways to rooms, the moody aesthetic is on point with luxurious brown cut stone, metallic accents and glamour all over. It’s an artistic experience from ceiling to tile that you won’t find anywhere else.