From the classic and the quirky to the hyper-local and the internationally influenced, this city is home to burger styles for any taste.

Between two buns lies greatness. The hamburger is a fascinating phenomenon where, no matter the time or age, a craving can still always find you and a great burger can stop you in your tracks. But what makes a truly great burger? 

Aunty Lucy's Hamburger
Taste Toronto's best burgers

The hamburger is the perfect mashup of tastes and textures, and there are many ways to variate. Go most classic with beef, or pick your patty of choice—and then brace for that juicy centre with toppings that range from hot to cold, crispy to juicy with soft or toasted bun, slathered with condiments. 

Are you for classic ketchup & mustard? Or do you prefer something more inventive or ingredients that take your mouth on a trip? The answer lies within you. 

There is something here for everyone; this list is just the beginning in Toronto! But alas, here are 15 of the best burgers in Toronto we crave.

The Comrade

This East End gem in the Riverside District truly has one of the best burgers in the city, if not the world, in the Prime Rib Burger. With cheddar, special sauce and pickles, a bite is melt-in-your-mouth heaven with a super light homemade bun that holds up well to the crispy yet meaty burg. It’s simple. It’s perfect. 

And bonus, The Comrade is a cozy bar perfect for any gathering, date or solo date. 

Burger Drops

Burger Drops started as a limited-time pop-up of experiences where folks would line up around the block to taste these patties. Now they have a permanent home in Liberty Village

If you’re a first-timer, try The Original with griddle sweet onion, house pickle, American cheese, and Drop sauce on a toasted potato roll. And make that a double! This is the most popular, but you can’t go wrong with anything else on the menu. 

While maintaining all necessary moisture, the smashed burger edges are a spectacle. These burgers are a great takeaway and delivery option.


Offering a Mediterranean perspective on the burger, we have Miznon’s Folded Handheld Cheeseburger Pita. This is a beef chuck cheeseburger with a “golden cheddar crown” of crispy cheese, and it comes served in a pita with garlic aioli, sour cream, tomato and pickles. 

On Avenue Road in Yorkville, this is a fast-casual spot with seasonal ingredients and a lot of flair in the presentation. 

Matty’s Pattys Burger Club

Chef Matty Matheson is a hometown hero, and his team brings a championship mindset to every burger served at this takeout stop

The look of the burger is iconic with his sesame seed buns and signature smash burgers. And the quality taste of those triple AAA beef brisket and chuck burgers keeps people returning for more—especially when enjoying Trinity Bellwoods Park, directly across the street. 

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With a handful of locations around the city, Rudy brings the heat and is popular wherever they go! 

The Rude Dude combo is the perfect little menu sample since it comes with their classic double cheeseburger, regular-sized poutine (thick fresh fries, homemade gravy, Quebec cheese curds) and a drink. 

If you’re craving a classic burger, this will satisfy you. And also, a special shout-out goes to the pickle chips and the Valentino chicken sandwich! 

Aloette & Aloette Go

Since the beginning, this popular bistro in Queen West has had the Aloette Burger on the menu. The Beaufort cheese griddled on top is a showstopper for the mouth and eyes, and the interior is oh-so-cozy and inviting. 

But if you want more of a takeout vibe, Aloette Go in Liberty Village also has a to-go counter with Aloette’s menu hits and a new classic “Go Burger” with a skirt of crispy cheddar cheese, Go sauce, shredded lettuce, onions and pickles.

Honest Weight

For the pescatarians reading and those with fish lovers in their dining party, Honest Weight just might do the trick. With a focus on fish and seafood in their Junction restaurant, the Honest Burger patty is made of cod and shrimp and served with a lip-smacking combo of tomato relish, horseradish mayo, bacon and cheddar. 

They also bring the same care to the epic Honest Smash Burger, served with waffle fries and aji lime mayo on the side. And since they are also fishmongers with a counter, you can also pick up something great to cook at home. 

Planta Burger

For the vegetarians and vegans in the house, or those who crave plant-forward freshness, you are invited to the burger party at Planta in the Financial District. For an upscale take on the burger craving, there’s the Truffle Burger with double patty, onion rings, queso, pickles, lettuce, and truffle aïoli. 

nd for something different, there’s the Kentucky Burger with chick’n fried mushrooms, tofu steak, lettuce, pickles, aïoli, pickled peppers, and bbq spice. 

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Desi Burger

Bringing beloved street food from Pakistan to Toronto’s Little India, Desi Burger offers South Asian-style burgers and has been in the neighbourhood for 20 years. 

Everything served is homemade and made to be completely fresh from the family business. Here, you can dress your chicken, beef or veggie burger patty with toppings like an egg omelet, tamarind and plum sauce, coriander sauce, and their unique combos of spices and herbs. 

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Richmond Station

An esteemed, long-standing restaurant with Top Chef Canada fame, Richmond Station’s burger has proudly stood on its menu since the early days. 

The Stn. The Burger is made with organic and grass-fed beef and comes with garlic aioli, beet chutney, pickled onions, aged cheddar, iceberg lettuce, and rosemary fries. The beet chutney and aged cheddar add that perfect zip.

Burger’s Priest

Burger’s Priest is now a sensation across our province of Ontario. But if you’re a fan and/or want to see a piece of burger history in Toronto, try visiting the original location in The Beaches! A burger picnic at Woodbine Beach? It sounds like the stuff summer dreams are made of. 

At all locations, they’re famous for the smashed-to-order Canadian beef patties. Check out the wilder options, like The Vatican, which has the cheeseburgers sandwiched between grilled cheese buns. 

The Burger Shack

Serving since 1979, this one-off burger shop is a nostalgic beacon of burgers for so many. This family-owned spot in Little Jamaica & Eglinton West is known for its classic fast-food burgers, hand-cut fries, and fat onion rings. 

It’s the kind of no-frills place that is a neighbourhood staple, and it’s still a joy for all generations to pilgrimage to. Also, check out their Greek dishes and baklava!  

Slayer Burger

This menu will take you places and turn you into a Burger Slayer! The tastes at Slayer Burger still have that satisfying, juicy taste you know and love, but they’re also not afraid to play around with ingredients and experiment. 

Watching ample intrigue is the First Degree Burger which is served on a pitch black charcoal bun, and in between, you’ll find a Wagyu patty, crispy prosciutto, crispy onions, baby arugula, grilled gouda with black truffles and Slayer Sauce. 

Aunty Lucy’s Burgers

Aunty Lucy’s Burgers in The Annex has had quite the journey as a burger pop-up celebrating the flavours of Ghana to becoming the established, sought-after burger brand they are today. 

Explore the burgers and sides like the Labadi Burger, which comes with fried plantain, caramelized onion, jalapeno Havarti, pickles, tomato, and secret sauce on a Beyond patty. It is named after the popular beach in Ghana.

Gold Standard

For breakfast lovers, Gold Standard makes a mean breakfast sandwich. Still, they also turn their love to the burger in the Telway Burger and the Impossible Patty Melt (vegetarian option). 

Hot tip—get an egg with it! With locations in Roncesvalles and Parkdale, take your handheld over to High Park or Sorauren Park for a meal with a nature view.