These cocktails infused with South American spirits are the perfect warm-up for nights out this chilly season.

It's the perfect time to get cozy with a cocktail that warms you from the inside. Indulge in South American flavours and spirits for an extra special treat during Latin American Heritage Month (Aka Hispanic Heritage Month), or try it anytime.

My favourite South American spirits are Pisco and Cachaca. Peruvians and Chileans will go to war about where Pisco originated, while Cachaca is the rum of Brazil. Ready to cozy up with a cocktail? 

Hot mulled cider at Famous Last Words
Warm up from the inside with hot mulled cider at Famous Last Words

Going out: cozy bar-hopping in Toronto

Famous Last Words

For those who love to cuddle up to a good book or scramble, this Junction neighbourhood bar is the perfect place to enjoy a warm drink or two. Famous Last Words caters to book lovers and cocktail lovers alike. 

Don’t be surprised to find beverages like Velvet was the Night and other seasonal treats. Cocktails range from $12 to $14, and they’re open Tuesday to Sunday starting at 5 p.m.

Spicy Hot Chocolate at Bar Mordecai
Keep it sweet but spicy with this hot chocolate at Bar Mordecai

Bar Mordecai

What makes Bar Mordecai a staple in the city? It has all to do with the iconic team members working here, plus an impressive and exclusive bottle list that you won’t find in most bars and/or restaurants.

The bartenders here are always willing to get creative and you can anticipate some delicious hot cocktails on their menu. As you can already guess, I gravitated toward the Cachaca for this feature and you can bet, I’ll be back for more! 

Create your own cocktail at Civil Liberties
Create your own cocktail at Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties is a must-stop when it comes to cocktail aficionados. Now here’s the catch, you won’t find a cocktail menu here. That’s right. Instead, you let whatever craving or desire guide the expert team to build something you want! So a South American-spirited warm drink was an easy ask for this team. 

Not everyone will get the same thing, which is the beauty of this bar—it's made with your flavour palate in mind. Open daily from 6 p.m., you’ll want to add this gem to your next bar-hopping adventure.

Irish Coffee at Grey Tiger
This Irish Coffee at Grey Tiger has a cult following (it's that good)

Grey Tiger

Grey Tiger serves iconic warm cocktails like Irish Coffee, which comes in variations of the classic and even has an Irish Coffee Club Community. They're predominantly whisky-focused, but you will find a variety of South American spirits such as Cachaca, Pisco and Guyanese Rum. Irish Coffees are all year round, but anticipate an extensive warm drink list from October to spring!

Cocktail kits from Drinks on Friday
Enjoy seasonal and holiday-inspired cocktail kits from Drinks on Friday

Staying in: cocktails delivered to you

Drinks on Friday

With cocktail kits changing seasonally, you can expect to find some perfect autumn serves in November and holiday-inspired kits with a hot option or two from Drinks on Friday.

Subscriptions are available or you can purchase a special kit for a friend. Plus subscribers can enjoy free shipping and discounted kit rates. 

Cocktail kit from Salty Paloma
Salty Paloma cocktail kits are built around your spirit of choice

Salty Paloma

Whether you're a bourbon lover or looking for something seasonal with tequila, the drink experts at Salty Paloma have you covered with a cocktail kit built around your spirit of choice.

With carefully crafted ingredients, kits are created with all skill levels in mind. Be sure to also check out their cocktail classes as they now offer both virtual and in-person options. 

Cocktail kits from BarChef
You can bring this iconic bar home with cocktail kits from BarChef


When you think of iconic bars in this city, you can't forget to include Barchef. But if waiting in line isn't part of your evening plans, bring home one of their cocktail kits.

Note that their kits deliver across all of Ontario. Of course, it's never a dull evening if you decide to enjoy some of their seasonal autumn cocktails in-house.

Pear Tea Party
This Pear Tea Party is a fruity tea, all grown up

DIY: channel your inner bartender with cocktail recipes by Liquid Culture 

Pear Tea Party

Pear is one of my favourite flavours when it comes to the fall—I want it in all my cocktails. This time I’m warming it up with some Drambuie, premium Cachaca and pear nectar. All you need is to get the kettle going and you’ve got yourself an adult ‘tea party’.

1 oz Avua Cachaca Prata
0.5 oz Drambuie
1 oz Pear Nectar
⅓ oz Lemon Juice
3 oz Boiled Water
Sliced pear for garnish + freshly grated nutmeg

Just add all your ingredients to your favourite mug and give it a stir. Garnish with sliced pear and freshly grated nutmeg on top. 

Hot Chai Buttered Pisco Cocktail
Hot Chai Buttered Pisco is a riff off the classic Buttered Rum

Hot Chai Buttered Pisco

This cocktail is a riff on the more familiar classic Hot Buttered Rum cocktail, served with chai tea, butter, all the spices and of course, Pisco! This recipe serves two.

1.5 oz Pisco Quebranta
0.75 oz Anchos Reyes Liqueur
1 chai tea bag
1 cup boiled water
1 tsp unsalted butter
⅛ tsp cinnamon powder
½ tbsp honey
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch of orange zest

In a small saucer over medium heat, add your butter, cinnamon, honey, salt and orange zest until it starts to bubble. Add in your boiled water (or bring water to a boil), add your chai tea bag, turn off the heat and let it steep for five minutes. Stir in your Pisco and liqueur and you’re set! Note: This cocktail can be made ahead of time.