A drive-in movie theatre

The Best Drive-In Movie Theatres Near Toronto

There’s nothing like a drive-in movie theatre for a blend of old-school nostalgia and the latest films. The big screen, the headlights, the scent of concession popcorn drifting on the breeze—it’s a classic night out for a reason. 

It’s no wonder that the atmosphere at a good drive-in movie theatre has made it into countless films, too, from Grease to Cars. It’s simply the stuff that movies are made of and made for. Fortunately for film fans, there are several drive-in movie theatres near Toronto where you can get in on this experience yourself.

From brand-new drive-ins to mid-century screens that have been pleasing families and date-night couples since the 1960s, there are some options to choose from. And whether you’re looking for something close to downtown Toronto for a quick evening out or further afield to cap off a day in the country, there’s a little something for everyone. These are five of the best drive-in movie theatres near Toronto.

5 Drive-In

Just outside of Mississauga, the 5 Drive-In has been part of the Oakville community since the 1960s. In addition to three screens with a variety of films, the 5 Drive-In also offers edible treats like funnel cake and chilli cheese dogs to accentuate the film-going experience. 

The Starlite Drive in Theatre

With brand-new family-friendly films and new releases for grown-ups, Starlite Drive In is one of the closest to downtown Toronto. There are combo deals on concessions meals that will make even family budgets a breeze, and the theatre is just a hop, skip and jump from other fun daytime activities, including numerous golf clubs.

Sunset Barrie Drive-in Theatre

At a little less than an hour and a half from Toronto, the Sunset Barrie is a drive. But its picturesque location near Lake Simcoe is worth a day trip or a weekend away. There are traditional concessions on-site like popcorn, nachos and hot dogs. But there is also more filling fare like pulled-pork sandwiches, chicken fingers and fried pickles on a stick. Films range from family-friendly Disney flicks to more adult comedies and blockbusters. Just a short drive from Roeberta Park and Oro Lea Beach, it’s easy to end a fun day on the lake with a night at the movies.

Mustang Drive-In

Kettle corn, hotdogs and ice cream treats are just some of the delicious theatre fare that awaits at the Mustang Drive-In outside of Guelph Lakes an hour from Toronto. On Thursdays, there are special deals like group pricing for a car-load of visitors. Just keep in mind that the Mustang is a cash-only operation, so be sure to have plenty for tickets and treats—in Canadian dollars, if you’re an international visitor.

Movies Under the Stars 

While many of the drive-in movie theatres in the Toronto metro area are hold-overs of mid-century car culture that found new life from nostalgia, Movies Under the Stars in Downsview Park is a little different. This giant inflatable movie screen pops up in one of Toronto's largest parks for the month of July each year. In past years, the movies have been a mix of kid-ready favourites and drive-in nostalgia bombs.