Keep yourself occupied on a stormy day with these safe Toronto activities.

Rain or shine, there’s always something new, inventive or unique to try in Toronto. You may be tempted to stay under the covers and binge-watch your favourite shows on a gloomy day, but think of this as an opportunity to safely explore some nooks and crannies you might otherwise miss.  

Visit a temporary immersive exhibit


Van Gogh, Klimt and the newest addition, Frida Kahlo! If you haven’t experienced the wildly popular immersive art exhibits yet, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. A rainy day is a perfect time to get lost in the inner workings of these eccentric artists.  

For even more immersive interaction, check out The Library At Night. Prepare to be transported to 10 iconic and mythical libraries around the world. This immersive virtual reality experience will make you forget the outside world even exists. 


Play some games

Indulge your inner child and play. Head to Batl Axe for a safe, out-of-home activity that keeps you sheltered from the natural elements. Book ahead of time and sharpen your axe throwing skills (pun intended) in a large indoor space with plenty of room to keep a distance from others. Considering you’re wielding an axe, space is definitely recommended.

If axe throwing isn’t enough excitement on a gloomy day, you can do all that and more at Escape Manor Toronto. In addition to axe throwing, Escape Manor offers several challenging yet quirky experiences like escaping from death row, a faulty elevator, a wine cellar and more. 

What about combining physical activity with play? Basecamp’s rock climbing venue offers 100 different climbing routes. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert climber, play around by challenging your arm strength and fear of heights within a huge, colourful space. 

Take in a museum

Don’t miss this season’s must-see exhibits. Or perhaps you’d rather casually browse permanent galleries, or maybe wander artsy gift shops instead. Whatever your pleasure, spending a rainy day sheltered in a beautifully artistic space sounds like heaven to us. You could easily spend a full day roaming the Royal Ontario Museum or the Art Gallery of Ontario. Wander the Aga Khan Museum, revel in the Bata Shoe Museum, or take a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art

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Catch a live show

Live theatre is sure to make you forget about gloomy weather. Use a rainy day as an opportunity to check out a variety of plays and musicals around the city. From upscale Broadway shows at Ed Mirvish Theatre to intimate live performances at Soulpepper Theatre, you will see firsthand the talent Toronto has to offer.

Take your tastebuds on a journey 

Taste the flavours of the world. Sure, you can go to your favourite classic Toronto restaurant. Or you can get adventurous and try something new! Try a dish from Eastern Europe, consume a Japanese dessert or explore Jamaican food that is so much more than just jerk chicken. You might just discover your new favourite cuisine!

Float away

A sensory deprivation tank, aka float therapy, is an enclosed tank filled with saltwater so salty you’ll float. Just like you would in the Dead Sea. The experience calms and soothes you by depriving you of all senses — no light, sound, taste or smell. With the water regulated at the same temperature as your body, it feels like you’re floating in the air, so there is no touch either — just incredible relaxation. 

There are plenty of float therapy studios throughout the city. Studios to consider are Float Toronto and H2O Float Studio, among others.

Indulge in a staycation

When you’re a local and the weather outside is dreary, sometimes you need a change of scenery. Book a stay at one of Toronto’s hotels and pretend you’re on vacation! Spend the day taking advantage of all of the amenities — think room-service breakfast in bed, indoor swimming pools and spa services. We’ve rounded up a guide to planning the perfect staycation.