NHIE Terminal
Never Have I Ever been to the Caribbean Carnival...

Never Have I Ever been on a Toronto Haunted Walk...
Never Have I Ever Had A Dessert Taco!  

Even after 16 years of calling Toronto home, there's still so much I have yet to explore.This summer I am inspired to knock off a few more items from my Toronto 'To Do' list thanks to Destination Toronto's 2022 Never Have I Ever, TO Confessions (NHIE) summer campaign.  And we are inviting our tourism community to get inspired and do the same.  

First a bit of background: This year’s NHIE is an evolution from the 2021 NHIE campaign launched in August 2021. In 2022, NHIE leans into consumer insights, revealing confessions in light and playful ways as it relates to Toronto as a key travel destination.  We’ll be actively engaging with them to share their own NHIE Confessions and engage with the content being presented through social, video and customized content with partners like Narcity and Trip Advisor. And, most importantly, we’ll be encouraging them to check those experiences off their lists, THIS summer.

How can Never Have I Ever help you reach new audiences?

We are inviting the tourism community to leverage the NHIE Confessions campaign to find new audiences through engagement in the confessions conversation. 

How do you do this?

  1. Create your own NHIE social media content using the #NeverHaveIEverTO hashtag. Great examples from the 2021 campaign and ideas for this year can be found in our Never Have I Ever Digital Toolkit and our Never Have I Ever Playbook.  
  2. Create content for multiple social channels to expand your reach, and make sure to tag the Destination Toronto accounts: FacebookInstagramTwitterTikTok, and LinkedIn.  
  3. Follow, like, comment and share the NHIE content you see on social media and be sure to include the #NeverHaveIEverTO hashtag.  

As Toronto’s visitor economy continues to come alive and we dig into our first real summer of recovery, nothing excites me more than seeing the city’s diverse businesses and communities that make up the visitor experience all welcoming back folks from near and far.  The Never Have I Ever Confessions campaign aims to support this recovery, and in our house we'll be doing our part, starting with an Ice Cream Taco....or maybe two....my partner doesn't like to share!


Never Have I Ever Digital Toolkit

Never Have I Ever Playbook