What do you want to explore?

What do you want to explore?

Find inspiration for your #NeverHaveIEverTO moment

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Never have I ever stayed like a celebrity

Treat yourself! Whether you want to feel like you're in another part of the world, destress or indulge in a star-worthy stay, there are endless opportunities for hotel getaways in Toronto. Choose a hotel to use as a jumping-off point to explore a new neighbourhood, try a new restaurant or cross something else off your #NeverHaveIEverTO list. The best part? You'll get a great deal with the special hotel offers.

Never have I ever tasted the globe in a day 

Did you know that some of the best Middle Eastern food can be found in North America’s biggest Greektown? Or that the world’s largest Tibetan expat community is the perfect place to go on a momo crawl? Toronto is truly a foodies paradise with authentic dishes from around the world to taste on every corner. If you’ve never had Ethiopian cuisine, Japanese jiggly cheesecake, or uniquely Toronto fusions like Jamaican-Italian food, you’re sure to find a place to try a new-to-you dish in Toronto.

Never have I ever ventured off the beaten path

Forget ‘been there, done that’. Sure, you’ve been to the CN Tower… now try living on the edge at EdgeWalk. You’ve been to the Distillery District… now take a 19th-century ghost tour of the neighbourhood. There’s always something new to explore or discover in Toronto and sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective (or an awesome deal with My Toronto Pass!). Let us help you get started.

Never have I ever barhopped from Italy to India 

Venture off the beaten path and discover local gems worth the trek with a self-guided itinerary through StrollTO. Start your day shopping like an A-list celebrity in Yorkville and end it by exploring eclectic vintage stores in Kensington Market. Or, take a tour of Little Italy on an al fresco patio-hop and end it with late-night dosas in Little India. With 140+ distinct neighbourhoods to explore, a trip through Toronto will have you feeling like you’ve travelled the world.

What's your #NeverHaveIEverTO moment?

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From must-visit attractions, museums and galleries, to diverse restaurants that bring the world’s
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