On April 11, 2022, Destination Toronto hosted a Spring Briefing Webinar that shared the April Market Readiness Index, other market insights, an overview of marketing campaigns and sales strategies, and overall plans to welcome visitors back to the city. Watch a replay of the webinar here or view the presentation here.

The webinar began with a review of key data and indicators, including an updated Market Readiness Index. You can view the full Index for April here, showing all domestic markets firmly in the green zone. International markets continue to show improvement, though lag behind domestic recovery.

Having established the broad market conditions, the focus of the webinar was a synopsis of key initiatives and platforms that businesses can leverage to maximize the opportunity of the visitor economy in the coming months. 

Rebuilding the pipeline is the most urgent sales priority to drive new business for both the near term and longer term. The Destination Services team is working with meeting planners to help drive attendance for meetings in Toronto, providing tools like the 6ix Stack Attendance Building Solution; and collaborating with Destination Canada and Destination Ontario to re-engage the travel trade, specifically targeting Group, FIT, and student and youth markets. 

Many of the opportunities for businesses come through Destination Toronto’s digital marketing and content platforms, including both “Always On” content, social and media relations, as well as market- and season-specific campaigns:

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