Explore diverse networking events, unlock career potential with access to conferences, galas and networking events in Toronto. 

Our city is a dynamic hub of innovation and collaboration fuelled by a highly skilled workforce and top-notch infrastructure. Networking events are a great way to explore and break into Toronto's vibrant professional landscape. Unlock career potential, mingle with like-minded professionals or explore opportunities for newcomers and immigrants with the help of this quick guide to diverse networking events across the city. 

Workshops & Networking Events

Todotoronto Monthly Socials

Todotoronto events are perfect for business owners, freelancers and anyone seeking valuable connections in a relaxed and engaging atmosphere. Todotoronto is dedicated to helping those 21 and up connect with other professionals in their sector by creating a welcoming and inclusive community to foster a variety of business success. Don't miss the opportunity to pitch your business or ideas to an attentive audience. 


Toronto Social Mixer events

Toronto Social Mixer extends a warm invitation to professionals looking to join Toronto’s most prominent social networking consortium, encompassing art aficionados, astute executives and enterprising visionaries hailing from diverse sectors. With a mission to cultivate authentic, meaningful connections among individuals, their events are catalysts for shared wisdom, genuine bonds, lucrative referrals and collaborative opportunities. Grab your business card and head to an event where personal growth and profitable associations will flourish organically.

Events in Toronto for Newcomers & Immigrants

To get to know your new city and the folks who live here, join up with Events in Toronto for Newcomers and Immigrants. With several monthly meetings, including live music, boat rides and rooftop parties, you’ll have tons of fun learning about Toronto and gaining connections along the way.   

Conferences & Trade Shows 

Destination Toronto’s Spring Briefing and Business Outlook Forum

Those in the hospitality and tourism industries should head to Destination Toronto's annual events—the Spring Briefing in March and the Business Outlook Forum in Novemberwhere knowledgeable speakers from the community provide insight and guidance. Talks will focus on the trends, forces and influences shaping the future along with key priorities in marketing and business for the year ahead. 

Attendees will leave with new energy, ideas and a better understanding of how they can elevate their skills and connect with others in the community.


Toronto’s tech terrain is constantly growing thanks to the influx of entrepreneurs and innovators who flock to the city. TechTO helps support this growth with a popular Toronto event series focusing on the city's technology and startup ecosystem. These events bring together tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals for networking, learning and sharing insights about the tech industry. 

Events often feature presentations from prominent speakers in the field and provide a platform for networking, where attendees can connect with like-minded individuals, collaborators and even potential employers or employees.

Professional Associations & Networking Groups

Toronto Lawyers Association

From galas and soirees to awards ceremonies and educational programs, the Toronto Lawyers Association has been working for well over 100 years to provide knowledge and advocacy to members and the community. 

With numerous social opportunities presented throughout the year celebrating those new to the practice alongside some of the most well-respected lawyers around, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for networking in Toronto. 

Young Professionals Network Events

Those under 40 will want to check out networking events in Toronto held by the Young Professionals Network. The professional organisation facilitates lifelong connections, helps expand networks and provides valuable insights to enthusiastic participants who are still in the early stages of their careers. 

Opportunities such as workshops, seminars, panel discussions, networking mixers and social gatherings cover topics like career growth, leadership skills, industry trends and more.

Junior League of Toronto

For women interested in giving back to the community while connecting with others, the Junior League of Toronto is a terrific resource and valuable option. 

Established in 1926, the Junior League has a rich history of empowering a diverse group of women to create positive social change. The league’s members engage in various projects and initiatives to address pressing issues like education, healthcare and poverty. 

With so many professional associations and networking events in Toronto, you'll find ample opportunities to expand your professional network, gain valuable insights and foster meaningful connections in your industry.