The park magically transforms into a winter wonderland on select nights from November 17, 2023, to January 6, 2024.

Embrace the spirit of the holiday season at Canada’s Wonderland WinterFest. Captivate your senses with twinkling lights, larger-than-life decorations, mouth-watering treats, high-energy characters, and performances.

Top attractions

WinterFest is brimming with so many jingle-rific attractions that you don’t want to miss out on. To help you make sure you experience everything this whimsical wintertime event has to offer, let’s highlight all of the can’t-miss attractions.

Ice skating on Snow Flake Lake

Gather your family and friends for some quality time on Snow Flake Lake, WinterFest’s very own ice skating rink. Your ticket grants you 90 minutes of ice skating fun. Bring your own skates or rent a pair there.

Pictures with Santa

Want a picture with the jolly man in red and white? You’re in luck because taking pictures with families and children happens to be one of Santa’s favourite activities. Pictures are free if you take them with your phone, but there’s a charge if you want a printed or digital copy from one of the WinterFest photographers.

Cookie decorating with Mrs. Claus

Nothing says Christmas quite like the smell of cookies fresh from the oven. Decorate and bake your very own festive cookie masterpieces with the help of Mrs. Claus. It’s important to note that the activities above, except for pictures with Santa, are not included in the WinterFest admission price. To ensure you don’t miss out, be sure to purchase your WinterFest admission ticket in advance online and add these activities at checkout.

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Must-see shows

Celebrate the season with Christmas puns and wintertime whimsy as dancers and singers twirl on stage to the melodic magic of holiday tunes during these festive shows.

Nightly tree lighting ceremony

Kids love counting down to this holiday spectacle that begins every evening at 5:30 p.m. The enchanting backdrop of Snow Flake Lake and Wonder Mountain sets the stage, and then, the magic happens. 

Two grand, 50-foot-tall trees are beautifully illuminated, and they come to life in perfect harmony with the joyful rhythm of the music. For an extra touch of magic, you can make the ceremony even more special by pairing it with a skating session on Snow Flake Lake.

Cool Yule Christmas

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Cool Yule Christmas as performers don their shimmering holiday attire, sing harmonious holiday tunes and dance joyously across the stage. The atmosphere is enhanced as the changing hues of the Christmas tree lights sync perfectly with the songs.    

Tinker’s Toy Factory

Marvel at delightful tumbling and twirling antics that’ll leave you in awe. With laugh-out-loud elements, catchy tunes and heartwarming storytelling about the beloved character, Tinker, this show is the perfect blend of circus magic, musical charm and theatrical wonder. You’ll have an elf-tastic time.

What the Dickens?!

Step into the hilarious world of this unique rendition of “A Christmas Tale.” Brace yourself as this interactive show plucks an unsuspecting audience member to play the iconic role of Scrooge and encourages audience members to sing along. Perfect for those looking for a good dose of witty holiday humour.

A PEANUTS™ Guide to Christmas

Gather around and sing along with the Peanuts gang as they joyfully explore the magic of the season. Watch as these beloved characters make this 15-minute show a delightful, festive treat for all ages.

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Delightful WinterFest treats

Start your WinterFest visit with a meal fit for Santa at the Marketplace Festive Feast. Select from various holiday dishes to warm you up and please your taste buds. Next, indulge in some festive funnel cakes and churros.

For a cozy treat, visit one of the Cider House locations and savour the sweetness of apple cider, available in original or spiked varieties or mulled wine. Over at the Candy Cane Café, you’ll find a delightful twist on a Canadian classic, presenting a poutine experience like no other, including a unique Sweet Potato S’mores Poutine.

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Tickets, hours & parking details 

Want to gain the most out of this magical experience? Purchase your tickets online to enjoy discounted rates, festive add-ons and the option to upgrade to a 2024 gold pass, granting access to next year’s season and festivities. 

Check the website because hours vary. The online process is easy—simply choose your preferred day and your add-ons, like ice skating and cookie decorating with Mrs. Claus. For convenience, you can also pay for parking online. If you’re a hot chocolate fan, the souvenir mug, which includes free refills on your first visit, is worth the addition. 

Lastly, don’t forget to download the mobile app for a detailed map and make time to explore WinterFest at Canada’s Wonderland.