Discover a vibrant Asian community in Toronto through these businesses that showcase the best of Asian culture, cuisine, and craftsmanship.

One of the best things about Toronto is its diverse and vibrant culture. It’s a place where people of different backgrounds can come together and revel in each other’s unique cultural traditions. 

The Asian community in Toronto is particularly strong, with several Asian-owned businesses across the city. From hole-in-the-wall eateries to trendy boutiques, here are some of my faves.

BBs Diner 

If you’re looking for traditional Filipino brunch like your mom and titas used to make, head to BBs Diner. The cozy, MICHELIN-recognized, spot in Parkdale, was founded by Justin Bella and serves classic dishes like silog (breakfast plate with garlic rice, two fried eggs, atsara and longanisa/fried milkfish/corned beef hash), pork sinigang (Filipino stew with a sour and savoury taste) and, of course, Filipino spaghetti.

Nick’s Jewellery

Nick’s Jewellery is a family-owned and operated shop in Little Portugal. Owner Huong Tran’s father was a jeweller in Vietnam in the 1950s, and when she and her husband moved to Toronto in the 90s, she decided to continue the family tradition. 

In 1996, the couple gave birth to their son, Nick, and in 1999, opened the shop in his name (Nick now works as the creative director and social media manager). The shop specializes in jade jewelry and custom pieces.

I Miss You Vintage

I Miss You Vintage is a fixture in Toronto’s Queen West shopping district and a favourite of celebrities and designers. Founded by Julie Yoo in 2005, the store specializes in luxury designer resale and vintage couture, with pieces from big names such as Chanel, Gucci, Hermes and Louis Vuitton.

Daan Go Cake Lab

Daan Go Cake Lab features unique Asian-themed desserts and cakes from award-winning chef and MasterChef Canada winner, Christopher Siu. From adorable character macarons to a durian-shaped cake and Vietnamese coffee tiramisu, you may have to make a second trip to try them all!

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Chandran Fashion

Chandran Fashion is an iconic family-owned and operated bridal shop in Little India. Owned by Jatinder Pal (Kuki) Singh, his wife, Sarabjeet (Sarab) Singh, their two children Chandan and Chandni and daughter-in-law Roop, it’s been the go-to place in Toronto for South Asian wedding wear for 37 years. The Singhs and the store are also the stars of a CBC docu-series, Bollywed. 

Sanko Trading Co.

This adorable little shop located on Queen West is filled with unique imported Japanese goods such as snacks, kitchen supplies and dinnerware. The store was opened by William Minzuno in 1968 and has everything you need to create an authentic Japanese meal. Don’t forget to grab some homemade onigiri while you’re there! 

Yummy Korean

Yummy Korean lives up to its name. Though unassuming from the outside, Yummy Korean is one of the most popular (and dare we say, best) restaurants in Little Korea. With extensive menu options, like bulgogi, tteokbokki and pork bone stew, there is something for everyone!