A night view of the Toronto skyline
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Doug O’Neill

“Some people call it a cultural mosaic. I prefer to call Toronto a beloved mishmash of a multitude of cultures from around the world,” says Doug O’Neill, who has biked, hiked and noshed his way through Toronto for 25 years and counting. “I can chow down in Koreatown, get swept up in the energy of a soccer game in a café in Little Italy and soak up Caribbean music at an outdoor park on a hot summer’s day.” Secret Toronto spot: Toronto Island in the dead of winter, preferably on the city-facing side of Algonquin Island to get great views of Toronto at night. Instagram: @dougoneill


Top Cycling Routes in Toronto

You can tour Toronto by bus, car, public transit or on foot. Hopping on a bike is another great way to enjoy the best of Toronto. These routes are ideal during spring, summer and fall. Editor’s Note:…

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Best Bridges in Toronto

Many Toronto bridges are steeped in urban legend, while newer ones become tourist destinations. Here are five iconic Toronto bridges to cross off your list. Prince Edward Viaduct The 494-metre truss…

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