Toronto MG Announcement

Toronto becomes Canada’s First MICHELIN Destination

Toronto is officially the first MICHELIN destination in Canada, as announced today by Destination Toronto and The MICHELIN Guide, in partnership with Destination Ontario and Destination Canada

Culinary experiences are a key driver of visitation for a destination like Toronto. All travelers eat. For some, it’s a primary reason for choosing a destination and for those travelers, MICHELIN is the global voice that has been missing from Canada for so long. And while many travelers may not seek out the restaurants named by MICHELIN, having MICHELIN in our destination helps all travelers recognize the quality and depth of our culinary scene. 

In cities around the world, an outcome of MICHELIN’s arrival has been growth in investment in the culinary sector - more new restaurants, more investment in upgrading and training for existing ones, more local sourcing of ingredients - all contributing to a vibrant culinary ecosystem.

The inaugural edition of the MICHELIN Guide Toronto will be revealed in fall 2022, with a selection of restaurants receiving honours. Inspectors award MICHELIN Stars – One, Two or Three – to unparalleled cuisine. They also bestow Bib Gourmand ratings on restaurants that offer great quality food at good prices, and they award the MICHELIN Green Star to restaurants involved in sustainable gastronomy.

In order to present a full and independent selection in the fall later this year, MICHELIN inspectors have begun visiting restaurants in Toronto. MICHELIN inspectors are meticulous in maintaining their anonymity; they make dining reservations anonymously and pay for all their meals to ensure they are treated the same as any other customer. While Destination Toronto is working closely with the MICHELIN team to share Toronto’s culinary stories around the world, Destination Toronto and its partners Destination Ontario and Destination Canada have no input into or knowledge of the restaurants that are inspected or the outcomes of those inspections. That independence of the evaluation process is essential. 

For restaurants in Toronto hoping to be included in the selection, MICHELIN offers this advice: “Focus on filling your restaurant with happy customers who like to return. Cook for your patrons, not for Michelin. Do this on a consistent basis, and MICHELIN’s inspectors will find you.” 

Toronto’s culinary scene is as diverse as the city itself, and we can’t wait for the world to discover (and re-discover) some of the best food found anywhere in the world!

Read the full news release here: link.