In the latest EDGE Event, Digital Readiness: How to use video to build your brand and engage audiences, Susan Charles from Google, Kristine Sherliker from Wavemaker and Joëlle Anello, Influencer and creator of La Petite Noob, shared their expertise and successful strategies for video content creation and distribution.  

Here are 10 takeaways you can use to evolve your video content strategy and tell a powerful brand story:

  1. Strong video content will be insight driven and answer a question.

  2. Video content should make people feel something that’s relevant to your business and their experience of it.

  3. Optimize videos for current viewing habits. Ask yourself - How long should it be? (short form is on trend, but there’s a place for long form too). And how are people viewing your video? Mobile is usually the way to go!

  4. Only 15% of Facebook videos are watched with sound on (Wavemaker). Build video that is compelling both with the sound on and sound off.

  5. It does not need to be expensive: imperfect and authentic can be good! Some of the most widely watched videos have been created in people’s living rooms and workspaces with minimal equipment. Imperfect allows your audience to experience your business in a real and meaningful way.

  6. Speak to the audience you want, no matter how niche you think it is. 49% of Gen Z agree that they watch content that no one they know is watching. There’s an audience out there for literally everything.

  7. Have a plan and write it down. What do you want people to THINK, FEEL, DO after they watch your video content?

  8. Build it and they will come? Not so fast! Even the best video needs a bit of help to be seen by the right audience at the right time. No matter your budget, using SEM/SEO and promoted posts on social will help get your video out into the world. Organic alone will not get your video noticed.

  9. Work with an influencer that aligns with your brand values. Engaging with their audience will only help you grow yours. Be choosey with who you work with.

  10. Leave room for curiosity. Engagement is brand currency and creating space for conversation and questions about your video or business can only help improve views and reach.

If you didn’t have a chance to make the event ‘in-person’, the recording above provides a deeper dive into how you can maximize audience engagement through the use of short- and long-form video. You can also find the presentations HERE.

We hope you will join us at the next EDGE Event on Sept 29, on Audience Development: The Evolving Needs of Travel Trade Business Channels.