The marketing team at Destination Toronto is a passionate group of storytellers - and we have many stories to tell! Simply put, the goal of our content strategy is to meet our audiences where they are, fuel their curiosity, drive deeper engagement and enable the next step in their decision or planning process. 

The 2023 Marketing Playbook is intended to strengthen connections between our marketing strategy and our community. It has been developed to provide context and share the framework underpinning our content strategy, to enable your participation.


What’s inside:

  • Summary of the Toronto Narrative: What makes Toronto, Toronto
  • Editorial purpose and guiding principles for content development
  • Key messages (leisure and business events audiences)
  • 2023 Editorial Calendar
  • How to work with us (10 ways to engage)


Together we have a rich and compelling story to tell which is powered by you - our community. In creating this playbook, we are eager to share our framework to create, collaborate and curate content so that you are well-informed to position and share your stories with us. We will continue to build and add to this playbook as new opportunities are developed. And, we hope that you’ll also provide your feedback and successes to improve it.