Chatting with Destination Toronto’s Director of Creative Marketing on the new marketing campaign targeting business events, Cultures Remix

In Toronto, different perspectives are not only celebrated but remixed, creating something new and fresh. Destination Toronto’s newest business events campaign aims to highlight how this fusion can support the success of meetings and events held in the city. 

Terminal editor Kathy Motton spoke with Director of Creative Marketing, Audree Atendido, to learn more about the new campaign, Cultures Remix.

Congratulations on the launch of the Cultures Remix, can you share a bit more about the campaign and its objectives?

Like many others, the business events industry experienced a significant impact over the past few years and the priorities of organizations and those who are a part of them have shifted. Organizers have become more discerning and are looking to select a destination that not only provides great products and services, but that speaks to their organizational values and vision. 

In order to stand out in the highly competitive US market, it was essential that the campaign lead with Toronto’s greatest strength – our diversity. And while other destinations may also promote cultural diversity, our objective was to highlight how cultural diversity is different in Toronto and why that matters for the meetings and attendees that come here.

At the core, we want the audience to know that Toronto is a place where all are welcome. A place where thinkers, creators, doers, and everyone in between belong. Moreover, a place where cultures remix — creating new ideas, and new inspiration from a mosaic of voices. 

We’re inviting organizations and attendees to bring their values and perspectives and to be part of the remixed magic happening in Toronto. Because we promise that they’ll be inspired by new ways of thinking that can positively impact their organization’s culture.

The heart of the campaign comes in a video format, featuring Ontario’s first Poet Laureate Randell Adjei, what did the creative process look like?

We wanted to bring Cultures Remix to life not only through impactful visuals but through moving and authentic storytelling. A passionate Torontonian who is a part of the city’s cultural fabric and a revered spoken word artist and educator, Randell Adjei understood our objectives and was aligned with the core idea and key messages.

The collaborative process reflected the message of the video itself. Randell was given creative liberty to do what he does best, interpreting the brief through his lens and skillfully crafting a vivid narrative that immerses the audience in the campaign messaging.

We worked together to refine the finished composition – and the most challenging step was editing his incredible work to meet video length requirements! We were genuinely excited throughout the editing process, watching the visuals come to life and be integrated with the delivery of his poem. We’re thrilled with the finished video and feel it very much represents Toronto.

What other creative assets will support the campaign and who is the target audience?

The campaign will include a series of print and digital ads, with strategic media placement in key industry channels and publications. Content will be shared on our website, owned social channels, e-news and targeted email communications to our planner audience and industry partners.

The Cultures Remix concept will also come to life in our trade show booths, experiential activations, and client events, primarily targeting US meeting and event planners and decision-makers. The innovators, tastemakers, creators, and leaders who align with Toronto’s values of cultural diversity and inclusion, and are open to influencing change. 

For our partners who may share the campaign with their clients and partners, what do you think is the most important message for them to share?

Toronto is a place where everyone belongs and diversity is its strength. But what makes it special is how this mosaic of unique voices comes together and remixes, inspiring new ideas that have the power to change the world.