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    • 2023 GSS&E Calendar- Please complete this form to have your event added to the calendar. 
    • 2024 GSS&E Calendar- Please complete this form to have your event added to the calendar. 
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  • What is is a project management platform. It's a fairly intuitive tool that can be customized for a variety of use cases and workflows. Most importantly, it supports collaboration for projects that involve multiple team members.

    Check out this short video (1min) to learn more. 

    How is it used?

    There are a number of use cases at DT for It's most often used by the marketing team. It's how we manage updates and/or new content on the content hub, track campaign progress, plan our social content and manage creative requests. As an example, when a creative request form is submitted, it goes directly into a board on From there, team member(s) are assigned to work on it and progress is tracked to ensure deadlines are met. If we have a question, we can ask the requestor directly from the board so that responses are connected to the request, keeping all of the information about that project in one place. Curious? Check out the Creative Assignments board to see that example in action. 

    How can I get access?

    Does sound like something you could use? Please email Paula Port to gain access to the platform.

    Training Resources is a pretty intuitive tool with lots of options to customize. Here is a series of short videos to get you started (note: you'll need to get your login set up first in order to access). 

  • Our CRM (Simpleview) system helps Destination Toronto stay connected to our clients, customers and stakeholders, while also streamlining processes and improving revenues. As part of the process to entrench Simpleview into our every day work life, we're undergoing an accreditation process to learn more about our CRM. Visit the Destination Toronto CRM wiki page to find out more and start (or continue!) the process of advancing through each level of accreditation.

    NOTE: you will be asked to log in when you visit the site. This is tied to our Google Workspace, so please use your Google Workspace credentials. Contact Tom with any issues.

  • DocuSign Login


    Destination Toronto is going digital with our contracts and agreements with DocuSign.

    DocuSign is a platform that we will be using to manage and consolidate our contracts. We will be able to send contracts for signature electronically and store them in a centralized repository that will be where we house our contracts and agreements.

    DocuSign University

    Overall, DocuSign is a very self-explanatory and a simple one to use, so training shouldn’t be too intense. Please find below links to DocuSign training videos.

    If you have questions, please email the DocuSign Onboarding Team.

    Getting Started with DocuSign – Sender (DocuSign Login Required)
    Getting Started with DocuSign – Signer (DocuSign Login Required)

    Account Tour Video
    Email Notifications Settings Video
    Sending Documents Video
    The Signing Experience for Recipients Video
    Sign a Document Yourself Video
    Managing Your Documents Video
    Field Properties Guide
    Field Types – Guide

  • Introduction

    As you all know, the pandemic has changed the way we do business and the ways in which we communicate. A review of our communications systems was recently undertaken with an overarching emphasis on tools that are accessible, collaborative, and that will integrate into our technology ecosystem. With that, the decision has been made to migrate our office telephone services to

    Office Telephone Lines

    If you have a direct dial number at the office, this will remain the same, as will your internal extension. If you didn’t have a direct dial number, one will be provided. You will be notified if your internal extension needs to be changed.

    Account Setup

    You will receive an email regarding your new Zoom account. Please use the link in that email to verify your email address, setup a new password, and configure your profile details.

    The email will be from: Zoom <> and will have the subject line “Zoom account invitation.”

    e911 Setup
    While setting up your profile, it is important to complete your Personal Emergency Address in case ZoomPhone is used to call 911. The office address has already been entered for our account.

    1. Login to the Zoom web console (
    2. Go to your Account Profile (
    3. Select Phone from the left side menu
    4. Select the Settings tab
    5. Select the Add button and complete the form for your personal address.

    Software Installation

    Client software is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox are also available for greater integration and more choice in functionality.

    Device administrative privileges have not been required. 

    Your Zoom account also grants you access to use the basic versions of their other platforms.

  • What is the IT Task Force?

    The IT Task Force was created in Fall 2020 as a cross-functional, time-limited working group. It includes representation from across the organization. Members are: Andrew S, Drew, Lindsay, Linda, Tanya, Tom and Paula. 

    We had 3 specific objectives:

    1. Provide input into new VOIP service (Zoom was selected and implemented)

    2. Create a process - guidelines and structure - to assess IT solutions across the organization (Vena was the first software solution to follow this new process)

    3. Evaluate and recommend a cloud-based communications platform

    What was the evaluation process?

    To support a “work where you like” policy, we identified collaboration as our highest priority and sought the tools that allowed for better file sharing/storage, video conferencing, email, and group chat to improve internal and external connectivity.

    The two big competitors in this space are Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. The IT task force received presentations, met with reps from both platforms and evaluated each based on the following criteria:

    • Costs
    • Hardware compatibility
    • Online vs desktop functionality
    • Mobile access/ usability
    • Storage 
    • Video conferencing
    • Other (email, chat, calendar, CRM connectivity, UX of the platform and security)
    • Accessibility for internal and external collaboration

    Through this process, it was apparent that the Google Workspace platform best met our needs. It’s important to note here that either platform would have been a change for the organization. While we currently use Microsoft, we don’t use the cloud-solution. 

    What do we hope to achieve?

    Simply, a more collaborative and accessible work environment that best supports our team and our work in the community.