Fountain Tire Convention 2023

March 7-14, 2023


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Dig into Toronto’s decadent food scene.

Toronto’s multicultural roots are deliciously reflected in over 7,500 restaurants across 158 neighbourhoods. This is a true eater’s city. Bring your appetite so you can sample culinary experiences for every taste and graze on boundless options from sunrise to way past sundown. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or sumptuous multi-course tasting menu, the city’s kitchens are renowned for their global influences and extraordinary cooking talent. Toronto’s bar, lounge and club culture contributes to a vibrant nightlife, while buzzing café and craft-brewery scenes offer the perfect inroads to neighbourhood exploration. 

25 Toronto Must-Eats

  • 7 minutes

Dig into 25 iconic dishes that capture the flavour of Toronto, from our official city sandwich to Canadian classics, fusion fare and more. Hungry? You’re in luck! You’re in one of North America’s

  • 5 minutes

Indulge your cravings for smoky ribs, brisket or un-chicken at BBQ joints in one of the best foodie cities. Looking for the most tender smoked brisket, sauciest wings, juiciest pulled pork and

  • 5 minutes

Bring your appetite and explore vegan Toronto one brunch spot at a time. Toronto is one of the best cities for vegan restaurants, with a diverse array of plant-based restaurants in neighbourhoods





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