Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Destination Toronto's Commitment

To our Community: We have the unique opportunity to celebrate and promote a dynamic, vibrant and rich destination. To do that most effectively and responsibly, we must also do the work to ensure that we honour and respect what makes it so special - our people. 

To our Team: We will foster a welcoming and collaborative work environment and create a sense of belonging for all staff, Committees and our Board by valuing and including diverse perspectives in the stories, relationships, experiences, and work in which we engage. 

As representatives of Toronto's hospitality community, we recognize our position of influence and the importance of our work and workplace in reflecting the many voices and places that define Toronto. Change is a continuous process and growth is never linear. We will learn on our own, seek out opportunities to learn from others, and lean into the support of our partners and civic leaders. 

Our objective:

To ensure our organization reflects the diversity and inclusiveness of our community.

We will pursue this objective through four distinct and interrelated paths:


We commit to diverse representation in the stories we share and amplify to encourage new experiences to be discovered by our audiences. 


We commit to engaging a contributor network, including writers, photographers, ambassadors, speakers and agencies that best represent our destination so that we may best reflect our destination.


We commit to nurturing a diverse workplace culture that is supportive, and respectful and provides meaningful opportunities for development for all team members. 


We commit to meaningful engagement with local communities and civic leaders and to actively seek out diverse perspectives in key strategic decision-making processes. 

This page will continue to evolve, with key resources and progress made by the Leadership Team to the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Framework. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Paula Port. 

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