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The following resources have been compiled to share Destination Toronto's marketing and communications strategy, business plans and annual reporting. We've also included quick links to our venue partners - Metro Toronto Convention Centre and Exhibition Place

Destination Toronto Marketing & Communications

Toronto is 250 cultures, colours, backgrounds and communities. 

Over 6 million people of different heritages, traditions, and values, who do more than live and work here. We mix here. And then, we remix here. The result is an open-source city where artists share ideas with athletes. Gamers invent with scientists. And chefs develop concepts with cab drivers and CEOs. Where new bonds are constantly emerging, and creation comes from diverse starting points. And where we embrace the truth that the original spirit of these lands was, is, and will always be. This makes for a place where all of us, identities still strong, come together continuously... melding, experimenting, create the next version of our city. Toronto may forever be the name on the map. But a remix in motion is who we are.

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