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Abigail Dunford (She/Her)

Sales Coordinator
AD -

I support the US Global Sales team, securing events!


Aimy Thai (She/Her)

Marketing Specialist
AT -

I facilitate media and partnerships in the US and domestic consumer markets.


Alice Au (She/Her)

Sales Director, Canada & International Associations
AA -

I focus on major national & International life science conferences.


Alison Owers-Graham (She/Her)

Sr. Event Planner

I create and manage events for GSS&E team.


Andrew Franklin


Andrew Weir (He/Him)

Executive Vice President, Destination Development
AW -

I lead the Destination Development team and am a member of our organization's Steering Committee.


Angela Jefferies (She/Her)

Sales Director, Canadian & International Association
AJ -

I grow the visitor economy by partnering with Canadian and Int'l associations to bring their conference to Toronto.


Anirudh Bizlawan (He/Him)

Director, Business Intelligence
AB -

I am the Business Intelligence leader on the Destination Development team.


Anna Yu (She/Her)

Business Intelligence Analyst
AY -

I work on marketing analytics, tourism economics and consumer insights.


Anne van Belkom


Annie Ewing (She/Her)

Community Engagement Manager
AE -

I manage our sustainability/CSR initiatives and industry education events.


Ashley Rochefort (She/Her)

Media Relations Manager, Leisure
AR -

I work with lifestyle media and influencers to inspire travel to Toronto through the placement of earned media coverage.


Aslihan Arikan (She/Her)

Sales Coordinator
AA -

I make sure the sales department is running smoothly.


Audree Atendido (She/Her)

Director, Creative Marketing
AA -

I manage Business Events Marketing, Content, Social and Creative Services teams.


Bonnie Roy (She/Her)

Executive Meetings Manager
BR -

I handle groups of 250 attendees and less.


Bronte Dowse (She/Her)

Marketing Coordinator
BD -

I contribute to administration and operations of the Global Marketing team.


Brian Graziano (He/Him)

Sales Director, Travel Trade
BG -

I am responsible for sourcing sales, marketing opportunities and new business leads through existing and newly sourced group and F.I.T. client segments in the UK and Europe.


Cherisse Ebanks (She/Her)

Graphic Designer
CE -

I do all things graphic! I transform ideas into visually captivating designs.


Cristina Trichilo (She/Her)

Destination Services Manager
CT -

I assist meeting planners as they plan for their Toronto conference.


Dan Young (He/Him)

Sr. Marketing Manager, Business Events
DY -

I oversee Business Events marketing and 6ix Stack attendance marketing.


Dean Dsouza (He/Him)

Business Analyst, Sales Insights and CRM
DD -

I build systems around the various technological and operational workflows.


Denise Belgrove


Farnaz Mirza (She/Her)

Sales Manager - U.S Association
FM -

I manage convention sales to West, Mid-West and Southern USA.


Heather Neale (She/Her)

Managing Director of Sales
HN -

I am a sales leader, responsible for the oversight of the business events sales team. My role involves supporting the sales team to drive new business events leads and definite bookings for our hotel and venue Partners.


Indira Murli (She/Her)

Destination Services Manager
IM -

I am a local resource for conference/meeting organizers.


Ivie Ndep (She/Her)

Marketing Manager
IN -

I support US leisure Media and Partnership initiatives.


Jenn Scott

Sales Manager, US Corporate
JS (intranet 2) -

I champion Toronto as the best city for corporate meetings and conferences.


Jennifer Gamble (She/Her)

Sales Coordinator, Travel Trade
JG -

I provide support to Travel Trade team.


Jennifer Main

Director, Destination Services & Events
JM -

I lead the Destination Services & Events Teams.


Jeremy Maunder (He/Him)

Director, Content & Communications
JM -

I lead consumer facing web, social, e-news and BE/Leisure Media Relations.


Johanna Hararewich


Jordan Thompson

Senior Accountant
JT -

I manage all accounting inquiries. Ask away!


Jose Santoyo

Director Industry & Partner Relations
JS -

I support the organization to build relationships with the broader business community.


Kathy Motton (She/Her)

Senior Manager of Corporate Communications
KM -

I communicate our corporate voice across a variety of platforms.


Kathy Tavares (She/Her)

Sales Director
KT -

I am on the US Sales Team and Toronto based with a focus on citywide Events.


Kevie Carr

Event Planner
Kevie Toronto -

I plan the logistics and details for Destination Toronto's Corporate Events.


Lauren Jerome (She/Her)

Senior Content Manager, Creative Marketing
LJ -

I manage Business Events content across all our owned channels.


Libby Kahnert (She/Her)

Social Media Manager
LK -

I am responsible for DT's Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest.


Lindsay Cowell (She/Her)

Destination Services Manager
LC -

I work with the meeting planners of confirmed conventions, 800 attendees and up, acting as the clients in-town resource for all things convention related.


Mara Rodas (She/Her)

Destination Specialist
MR -

Apart from the serious stuff, I like to make Toronto and its community shine. If clients need support and recommendations, I'm their girl.


Margaux Cabais


Mary-Ruth Ruso (She/Her)

Administrative Business Manager

I provide business support to the CEO, Board of Directors and all Standing Committees.


Maxine Morrell-West (She/Her)

Sales Manager, Travel Trade

I am responsible for sourcing sales, marketing opportunities and new business leads through existing and newly sourced group and F.I.T. client segments in North America.


Mehrdad Aghababazadeh (He/Him)

Sales Coordinator
MA -

I support US market account directors.


Menisha Moses (She/Her)

Media Relations Manager, Business Events & Travel Trade
MM -

I do in-house PR for business events, corporate travel & tour groups.


Meredith Donaghey (She/Her)

Assistant Director of Sales
MD -

I am a Sales Director in the US Market focusing on the citywide conventions in the Life Science and Education sectors.


Monique Holmes (She/Her)

Human Resources Manager
MH -

I am a professional people enthusiast.


Morgan Da Rocha

Sales Director
MDR Biking -

I convince U.S corporations/ associations to host events in Toronto.


Nancy Hall (She/Her)

Sector Program Manager
NH -

I support "things to do" in the city- Now Playing Toronto and special offer/pass products.


Paula Port (She/Her)

Vice President, Global Marketing
PP -

I lead the Global Marketing team, including marketing & comms across all lines of business. And, I'm a member of DT's steering committee.


Rebecca Koole (She/Her)

Corporate Communications Coordinator
RK -

I keep stakeholders and DT staff informed and engaged through content!


Regina Rink


Rocco Fazzolari

VP Finance & Administration
RF -

I oversee finance, HR, IS, and Office Services.


Roseanne Longo


Sarah Jarvis (She/Her)

Director, Community Engagement
SJ -

I drive greater connectedness and engagement with businesses and stakeholders in our community.


Scott Ventresca (He/Him)

Sales Director
SV -

I sell Toronto globally.


Shannon Szucs (She/Her)

Senior Manager, Global Marketing
SS -

I manage leisure paid media campaigns and partnerships.


Shrouq El Masri (She/Her)

Accounting Coordinator
SE -

I spend the company's money.


Sohee Maeng (She/Her)

Marketing Specialist, Business Events
SM -

I manage marketing strategies and efforts for Business Events.


Stephanie Uy (She/Her)

Sales Manager, Business Events
SY -

I promote Toronto as THE destination to host future corporate conferences.


Tahnee Malazdrewicz (She/Her)

Media Relations Coordinator
TM -

I share what Toronto has to offer with media and influencers.


Tanaz Divecha (She/Her)

Administrative Supervisor
TD -

I am a CRM Admin and supervise our team of Sales Coordinators and work with the Sr. VP.


Tanya Wadgymar

Office Coordinator
YW -

I provide support to the Finance & Administration and Destination Development business lines.


Tara Gordon (She/Her)

Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Service
TG -

I lead sales strategy, and build global brand awareness and partnerships to fuel Toronto's visitor's economy.


Theo Lamar

Graphic Designer
Intranet Theo -

I create simple and clean visual solutions.


Tom Huller


Vanessa Somarriba (She/Her)

Senior Media Relations Manager
VS -

I manage the Media Relations Dept, who gets to promote all the amazing things to do in the city to media across the country, US and abroad.


Vinita Das

Sales Director
VD -

I develop and confirm new business located in the US market for convention facilities, hotels and venue members.


Warren Yarde (He/Him)

Office Manager
WY -

I provide a functioning office environment for you to work.


Yolanda Cheung (She/Her)

Destination Services Specialist
YC -

I work with Meeting Planners to help plan their meeting logistics.