This is your essential hub for data, insights and information on the city’s visitor economy.

We hope this central source helps you navigate the opportunities of the visitor economy, plan for your business recovery and future and enable you to stay connected with peers throughout the community. 

Here you’ll find upcoming education and events like the ongoing virtual EDGE Event Series and our Annual General Meeting; archived virtual events you can watch today; and new and noteworthy blogs connected to Toronto’s visitor economy. 

Now more than ever, it’s critical that businesses in the tourism industry get up-to-date research and insights connected to the city and the visitor economy that can help inform recovery, marketing efforts and overall business strategy. 

That’s why this new Terminal includes the latest research and insights from Destination Toronto’s Business Intelligence Unit – a team dedicated to delivering data directly to the community. Watch the BI section in The Terminal for updated recovery data in the Market Readiness Index, ongoing core data on visitors, spending and business events in the Market Performance Dashboard, quarterly Sales Production Reports, a detailed look at Toronto’s dynamic economy and foundational economic reports including the Visitor Economy Study and an analysis of the impact of the first year of the pandemic.  

We’re thrilled to bring you this new content and look forward to sharing more as it continues to grow. As always, your feedback is important. Let us know what you want to see on the Terminal so we support your business as we collectively work towards recovery and growing Toronto’s visitor economy. Email us and a member of the Destination Development team will get back to you shortly.