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Never Go Thirsty Again: Toronto’s Best Cocktail Bars

Toronto’s cocktail culture is so on point the city has its own signature drink — a concoction of Canadian whisky, fernet and angostura bitters that captures the 6ix’s international sophistication. 

Toronto’s cocktail bars are just as varied and inviting as the city’s inhabitants. But there’s a lot more to sip on here than just Toronto in a glass. The cocktail bars here are popping with traditional favourites like Old Fashioned and Sazeracs. But they also prominently show off brand new recipes pioneered by a new generation of bartenders and mixologists to give you the blend of new and old, home-brewed or gems from around the globe.

From a spat of hotel bars downtown to the LGBTQIA+ pubs in The Village district, to a slew of cocktail bars along Queen Street to the deliciously curated and custom drinks at the trendy hotels peppered throughout the city, there’s something for every taste and price point in every neighbourhood and price point. Santé!