Director X Mustafa

Following the successful 2022 campaign featuring Simu Liu, the newest iteration from Destination Toronto shares a new perspective on Toronto

TORONTO, July 11, 2023 — Destination Toronto today shared its newest collaboration in the You Gotta See What We See series. The series engages passionate Toronto creators in sharing their takes on the city, through their unique creative lens. Toronto-born Julien Christian Lutz, an iconic music video director best known as Director X who has worked with Drake, Rihanna, Rosalia, and Kendrick Lamar, conceptualized and directed the video. Mustafa, a Juno Award-winning singer and songwriter from Toronto's Regent Park neighbourhood, lent his distinctive voice and penned the prose in Director X’ split-screen POV of the city.

“To really get Toronto, you need to see it through the eyes of the people who make this city what it is,” said Paula Port, Vice President of Global Marketing at Destination Toronto. “Toronto is a reflection of its people. Their diverse perspectives and identities infuse the city’s culture, festivals, and food. It’s what makes Toronto unique and special and worthy of a visit. We’re excited to collaborate with our local creative community in sharing these stories with potential visitors through the You Gotta See What We See series.”

The campaign launched in late May, continuing with the docu-style series developed in 2022, featuring Simu Liu, Santee Siouxx, Sonia Mangat, Nick Liu and Mariah Amber.  Director X’ and Mustafa’s video perspective is in-market now with additional collaborations launching later this summer and into the fall.  The media plan is focused in New York City, San Francisco/San Jose, Chicago, and Washington DC. Viewers are directed to to find other Toronto insiders and discover their Toronto stories.

In 2022, the You Gotta See What We See campaign resulted in 39 million video views and 1.2 million website visits. Before the pandemic in 2019, almost 2 million American travellers visited the city bringing $1.36 billion in spending to the visitor economy. 

Media Contacts:

Kathy Motton,, 416-721-9203 (Canada)

Adél Grobler,, 917.340.9977 (U.S.)