Mix it up for your next virtual hangout with these group activities you can do from anywhere.

You may be tired of virtual get-togethers but these Toronto businesses offer ways to upgrade your next virtual hangout. Whether you’re looking to spend time with a partner, a group of friends or family, these ideas are anything but boring and can be done whether you’re in Toronto or from elsewhere.

A couple attends a cooking class
Choose a Toronto dish to cook for your virtual dinner

Have dinner “together”.

Food is meant to be a shared experience, just like this free online open-source cookbook. What started as a project between friends is now a widely shared collection of 100+ recipes from Toronto chefs, food personalities and amateur cooks. 

Choose a dish from the cookbook to cook together virtually. Or if you’re feeling competitive, challenge a friend to see who can make the better-looking Jamaican Peppa Shrimp (a tasty dish in the cookbook, courtesy of Patois Chef/Owner Craig Wong). 

You could also enlist your group for a virtual cooking class from anywhere in Canada. Aphrodite Cooks offers monthly live virtual cooking classes where they will deliver all the goods to your house. If you’ve always wanted to learn to make sushi, you can order kits from Roll this Way. Yes, fresh ingredients are delivered to your door and there’s a pre-recorded cooking class so you and your group can learn to make sushi at your convenience (they even have vegan options). 

Sign up for a cooking class with Kefi Life and learn to make some authentic Greek dishes with ingredients you can buy from your local grocery store. You’ll have an even greater appreciation for the food tours in Toronto’s Danforth Greektown.

Yearning for a wine and cheese night with friends? Order Messenger Musettes from Toronto-based Rendez-Vous and enjoy artisanal French cheese, cured meats and baguettes no matter where you are in Canada. Who doesn’t want to be invited for a virtual “l’Apéro"?

And for those virtual kids’ parties, gather the children for a virtual cooking class with Chef Upstairs. They send you a list of ingredients you need and will lead the kids through the entire process.

Don’t forget our Spotify playlists for a fully Toronto-themed night in.

Discover new hobbies

Sign up for virtual screen-printing lessons with owner Kingi and her daughter, and order personalized kits from Peach Berserk, no matter where in the world you live! You can even choose the images for your silkscreens. 

Ever made your own candles? You can do so at zero waste, Naturally Sassy. In addition to mailing you a kit with all the items you need to make your candles, there is a guided candle-making class where you and your friends can chat with the instructor. Nice way to dial up those virtual slumber parties. 

Studies show that art can help us through happy and challenging times. Engage your right brain and get creative with the Art Gallery of Ontario. Follow along with AGO art instructors and brush up on your painting skills or learn how to create digital art with the AGO Makes From Home. Share your AGO Makes artwork with friends and join the #AGOMakes online gallery. 

Satisfy your sweet tooth 

Sign up for Tasty Tours’ virtual public chocolate tasting tours and pair them with their chocolate tasting kit (ships anywhere in Canada). Not only will you learn to taste chocolate like a professional, but you’ll also learn the differences between various types of chocolate from around the world. 

Or perhaps you’d like some edible paintings? Sounds odd but that’s exactly what’s on offer at Hot Shot Chocolate. Your kit comes with a chocolate canvas and a variety of edible paint colours. This is available for local pick-up or delivery, as well as shipping within Ontario. 

Take a (virtual) tour around Toronto with the kids.

If you’re looking for creative ways to keep the young ones (and yourself) from going a little stir crazy while at home, Toronto’s museums, amusement parks and other attractions have pulled out all the virtual stops to keep the family entertained — virtual roller coaster rides and shark cams included.