Add some variety to your regular grocery shopping with goods from these local restaurants.

Restaurants have gotten into the grocery biz, and frankly, it’s opened up a whole new world. Unlike other parts of the world, Toronto’s food supply chain was never in danger. And though grocery stores may be changing, now and after the pandemic, they’re not really in much trouble at the moment.

Restaurants are a different story, of course.

Our locals are still doing yeoman’s service, but why not check out these restaura-grocers—some deliver, some are for pick-up only, and some require advance orders—and add some variety to your weekly at-home menus.

Restaurants with multiple locations in the Greater Toronto Area

Greenhouse Juice Co. (Downtown, Midtown)

This minichain is offering items from partner producers that fit into their light and healthful brand, including Guud hummus.

Local Public Eatery (West, East York/Leaside)

Big, two-page list of items, including produce, pasta and sauces, meal and cocktail kits, booze, cool bar mixes, and even toilet paper.

Famiglia Baldassare (Midtown, West)

Some say the Baldassares make the best fresh pasta in the city. Available through several other suppliers (including Greenhouse), you can also get the dough, pasta, filled pasta, bronze die pasta, eggless pasta, and egg pasta directly from the family.

Love Chix (Downtown, West)

House-made pickles, summer grill items, and more at their self-styled bodega. There’s no easy list of stuff anywhere; they really just want you to stop by.

Bodega Henriette (Downtown, East)

A full line of produce, in addition to baked goods, dairy, drinks, snacks, and lots of beer and wine.

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Where to shop Downtown

Odin and Thor 

Weekly $30 produce bags, along with baked goods, juices, and snacks from local suppliers like the Village Juicery.

Fox Market 

An outcropping of the Fox chain of pubs, you can get meats from St. Lawrence Market butchers, oysters from Rodney’s, as well as grocery items as varied as yogurt and dish soap.

Pauper’s Pub 

Since the Brunswick House closed, Pauper’s is the grand old dame of the Annex beer joints. A full grocery selection, along with wine and beer, should make this spot a weekly visit.

Where to shop in the West


Mostly restaurant-related foods, like meats and sauces, but also granola and milk and various things, regularly announced on their Instagram page.

Côte de Boeuf 

A rotating selection of goods announced regularly on their Instagram page story highlights.


A small selection of baked goods, dumplings, and cocktail fixins.

The Beet 

Large selection of organic produce, sour cream and kajmak, and some prepared foods as well.

Where to shop in the East

Juliana Social 

Tea, dry pasta, pretzels, LaCroix, and all sorts of corner store bits and pieces available for delivery in a pretty wide radius.


Various branded Terroni items, as well as some of the little empire’s favourite sodas and vinegars, and even a Piadina pan.

Lady Marmalade 

Dairy, hot sauces, produce, flour, and other items at their grocery page.